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OxyWhey Review

EHPLabs are best known for their ultra-popular fat burner Oxyshred which has stood atop the mountain for years now. Since releasing Oxyshred, EHPLabs has added to its range by releasing products that seemingly work perfectly with its original product to help with goals specific to weight loss, as well as overall wellness.

One of those products is their wellness protein - Oxywhey. A low-carb, low-calorie protein powder with great flavours that still helps with weight loss as its primary goal. 

OxyWhey Highlights

  • Fat loss protein featuring a triple blend of proteins
  • Range of fat-loss ingredients including green tea and grape seed extract
  • Only 1g of net carbs and fat
  • Stimulant free so there is no need to cycle and easily stacks with Oxyshred and other fat burners

What is OxyWhey Used For?

OxyWhey is designed for health-conscious active individuals engaged in the regular exercise who want a tasty protein shake to support muscle growth and/or fat loss. Categories as a fat-loss protein, OxyWhey can be used either alone (with water) as a low-calorie snack pre or post-exercise or mixed with berries/fruit/greens/seeds/milk for a higher calorie post-workout recovery meal.

OxyWhey is particularly useful for active individuals trying to lose weight on a calorie-controlled diet. Maintaining protein intake while reducing calories from carbohydrates is an effective way to preserve muscle while attempting to lose weight.

OxyWhey is also an excellent everyday protein supplement for the average individual who might simply be looking for a change. One of its best assets is its rich creamy taste and texture. And with its mix of dairy proteins, OxyWhey offers quick-acting whey for recovery together with slower absorbing casein to fuel muscle over several hours.

OxyWhey Ingredients & Dosage

The protein blend in OxyWhey consists of whey protein isolate (WPI), whey concentrate and micellar casein. On top of this is a range of fat-loss ingredients such as MCT oil, green tea extract, chromium picolinate, and grape seed extract. There are also some added amino acids including taurine, tyrosine, and leucine. EHPLabs also included digestive enzymes to assist with protein breakdown and absorption.

Each 31g serve provides a modest 120 calories, with a macronutrient breakdown of:

  • 24g protein
  • 1g fat 
  • 3g carbs

The rest of the ingredients are as follows: Whey Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Micellar Casein, Natural Flavours, MCT Oil Creamer, L-Glutamine, Potassium Chloride, Taurine, L-Tyrosine, Sucralose, Salt (Sodium Chloride). Ultrasmooth (Ticaloid), FD&C Yellow #5, Green Tea Extract, Grapefruit seed ext. 4:1, ProHydrolase, Gum Arabic, Lactase, Chromium Picolinate.

N.B. Some flavours may contain added L-Leucine

Is OxyWhey Keto Friendly?

In short, yes, OxyWhey has a very small amount of carbs (i.e. 2g per serving), which will do little to spike insulin levels. The added MCT oil creamer is also a welcomed addition to avid keto dieters looking to boost MCT intake. 

Is OxyWhey Vegan & Vegetarian?

With its content of dairy proteins, OxyWhey is by no means vegan but certainly fits the bill of being vegetarian if milk-derived proteins are not on your non-vegetarian list.

Is OxyWhey Lactose-Free?

While it is possible to get whey proteins free of lactose, the ones found in OxyWhey are not lactose-free. However, OxyWhey comes with added lactase; a digestive enzyme used to break down lactose. This means it might be ok for individuals with a mild degree of lactose intolerance. But if you are severely lactose intolerant, it would not be wise to use OxyWhey.

Is OxyWhey Low Fat?

With just 1g of fat per serving, even the strictest low-fatties would have to agree OxyWhey is a low-fat protein powder. It’s important to highlight that of the 1g fat in every serving, 300mg is actually MCT oil – a healthy type of fat! 

Is OxyWhey Gluten-Free?

While being gluten-free is not a label that every protein powder strives to attain, EHPLabs have made the smart step of going to the trouble of sourcing ingredients that are gluten-free so that OxyWhey can carry the claim of being gluten-free and celiac friendly.

Is OxyWhey Low Carb?

Similar to your typical protein powder, OxyWhey has a very small amount of carbs (i.e. 2g) in each serving. And with half the amount coming from a dietary fibre called inulin, the amount of active carbs is only 1g per serve. Just what you’d expect from a fat-loss protein.

OxyWhey vs Gold Standard Whey

With any new major protein supplement, a common question is how it compares to the powerhouse 100% Whey Gold Standard? The biggest difference is OxyWhey contains micellar casein in addition to whey proteins, while Gold Standard contains exclusively whey proteins. The other notable difference is the inclusion of fat-loss actives in the form of green tea extract and grapefruit seed extract.

Is OxyWhey a Meal Replacement?

While not strictly marketed as a meal replacement, OxyWhey can certainly be adapted to one with the addition of some popular smoothie inclusions like banana, chia seeds, milk, honey etc. The key is to adapt the supplement to your needs and goals. So, if losing weight is high on the agenda, then adding extra ingredients to morph OxyWhey into a meal replacement will probably not be in your interest.

However, it is worth noting Oxywhey does contain micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) which on paper does class it as a meal replacement. However, being purposely low in carbs and fats, it may not have a balanced enough macronutrient profile to safely replace meals.

Is OxyWhey Good?

A simple question, right? Is Oxywhey good for me? If the taste is high on your good rating meter, then OxyWhey is not just good – it’s awesome! But if you’re a harsh and savvy supplement user marking OxyWhey on its fat loss protein creds, then as we touch on below, it’s hard to strongly argue its merits.

But for the average individual, adding a little extra quality protein to one’s diet at the expense of some junk food is invariably going to be a good thing, even if you aren’t doing any serious exercise.

OxyWhey Pros & Effectiveness

Expanding a company’s range of products can be a good move, especially if that company only produces a handful of products. Besides the benefits for the company, however, fat loss proteins are ideal for supplement users as they help to support muscle building and fat burning; two of the most common goals for trainers.

When combined with a focused fat loss supplement (such as OxyShred), fat loss proteins can further assist weight loss, while still helping to support muscle growth and recovery thanks to its plentiful supply of anabolic amino acids.

On this note, it’s obvious that OxyWhey was designed from the get-go to be used in conjunction with OxyShred. Its low level of stimulants won’t clash with the actives in OxyShred. 

The protein blend used in OxyWhey is very noteworthy. It provides a steady stream of amino acids which help fuel muscles for longer. The slow-digesting casein component also helps you feel fuller for longer, which is beneficial when dieting. 

OxyWhey Cons

Although a well-formulated product, one cannot help but feel that the ingredients in OxyWhey are not as comprehensive or potent as those found in Australian-made fat-loss proteins. This is a common trend in US fat loss proteins with Australian brands generally offering superior fat loss proteins compared to their American counterparts. 

Another issue is that OxyWhey does not have a very transparent nutrition panel. Although this does not necessarily mean that OxyWhey is underdosed, some users simply prefer knowing exactly what they are consuming.

OxyWhey Flavour Review

EHPLabs OxyWhey is available in five flavours including Swiss Chocolate, Strawberry Milkshake, and Vanilla Ice Cream, Mocha and Banana Bliss. In true EHPLabs fashion, OxyWhey is an easy-mixing and fantastic-tasting protein powder, with a taste very similar to flavoured milk. 

The Strawberry Milkshake flavour deserves particular mention as this is a flavour that can be hard to get right. OxyWhey on the other hand, tastes like strawberry Nesquik and is out and out one of the best-tasting protein powders around. Much like other American proteins, the texture is slightly thicker, thanks in large part to the ‘MCT Oil Creamer’ used in the product. This slightly thicker texture helps the product feel more satisfying and authentic.

OxyWhey Final Thoughts & Verdict

While it's true that OxyWhey may not have as comprehensive or potent a formula as some Australian-made fat-loss proteins, it remains an appealing choice for those seeking a delicious effective protein supplement. The easy-mixing, rich creamy taste, combined with a range of flavours that includes the standout Strawberry Milkshake, adds to the product's overall appeal.

As a wellness protein designed primarily for weight loss, it holds strong appeal for health-conscious individuals engaged in regular exercise. The fact that OxyWhey is tailored to work synergistically with OxyShred only adds to its allure. The protein blend in OxyWhey, which combines quick-acting whey with slower-absorbing casein, is particularly noteworthy as it provides a steady supply of amino acids to fuel muscles for longer periods. Additionally, the casein content helps to keep you feeling fuller for longer, which is beneficial when following a calorie-controlled diet.

The verdict & conclusion, OxyWhey is a welcome addition to EHPLabs' lineup, showcasing EHP's commitment to offering diverse & effective supplements. Its focus on weight loss, muscle growth, & recovery, as well as its compatibility with OxyShred, is sure to make it a popular choice among fitness enthusiasts. With a proven track record in the fat-loss market, EHPLabs has once again demonstrated its expertise with the popular OxyWhey.

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