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OxyShred Review: The Benefits, Pros & Cons

OxyShred Review: Quick Summary Points

  • OxyShred is the most popular powdered fat burner available to date in Australia, estimated 1 million+ units sold
  • Oxyshred key ingredients are stimulants including caffeine & green tea & fat metabolisers including acetyl-l carnitine
  • OxyShred may have a multitude of benefits including weight loss, energy, mental focus & mood support
  • A small amount of stimulant-sensitive users may have mild side effects
  • OxyShred is a unique synergistic formula that assists results-focused users
  • OxyShred comes in 9 unique flavours (kiwi strawberry, guava paradise, pink grapefruit, wild melon, passionfruit and mango & more). Limited edition flavours are released regularly
  • OxyShred can be taken 1-2 times per day, specific strategies may be used for enhanced results
  • Customer-verified reviews support the effectiveness of Oxyshred
  • Oxyshred works by using various metabolic pathways
  • Oxyshred is comparable in price with similar quality products
  • Combine Oxyshred with a quality diet and regular exercise for the best results

1. Introduction

A. What is Oxyshred?

Oxyshred is a well-known thermogenic fat burner that is designed to help users lose weight and increase their energy levels. It comes in a powder form that mixes with water. It is made by EHP Labs, an Australian sports nutrition company, that uses the power of digital media to market its brand & was founded in 2012. Oxyshred was their first product launched and is their most popular with more than 1 million units sold.

B. Purpose of the Review

This review aims to provide a comprehensive overview of Oxyshred, including its key features, benefits, drawbacks, results, and recommended usage. This information will help potential users decide if Oxyshred is the right supplement for them.

II. Key Features of Oxyshred

A. Key Ingredients

Oxyshred contains a blend of ingredients that are designed to boost metabolism, increase energy, and support weight loss. Some of the key ingredients include acetyl L-carnitine, green tea extract, & caffeine. It is a synergistic formulation. Over the years Oxyshred has been reformulated several times to both meet regulatory guidelines and successfully improve the product.

For a full list of Oxyshred ingredients please see the following nutritional panel:

B. Benefits of Using Oxyshred

According to the manufacturer, using Oxyshred can help users achieve the following benefits: Boost metabolism and energy levels. Support weight loss. Increase mental focus and clarity. Improve mood and reduce stress. In my opinion and after witnessing many customers over the years I would agree these claims are accurate.

Summary of Potential Oxyshred Benefits

  • Increase metabolic rate
  • Boost metabolism
  • Increase energy levels
  • Improve mental focus, clarity & concentration
  • Improve memory
  • Improve mood
  • Suppress appetite
  • Reduce bloating by acting as a natural diuretic
  • Reduce body fat
  • Act as an effective pre-workout
  • Improve motivation
  • Improve workout performance

C. Unique Formula

The formula of Oxyshred is designed to target different aspects of weight loss and energy production, making it a well-rounded supplement. The combination of ingredients is also designed to work together to produce a synergistic effect. The formula is unique in that no other brand has the same formula. There are many similar types of fat burners available. 

However, what makes it unique for many users is the consistency of the product (batch to batch) and the great tastes Oxyshred offers (refer below).

D. Fantastic Flavours

Oxyshred it is fair to say has pioneered what it means to have great flavours and a great choice of flavours. Currently, there is a wide choice of 9 flavours, all of which are made using 100% natural flavours and colours. These include Strawberry Kiwi, Pink Grapefruit, Wild Melon, Raspberry Fresh and more. 

"What is the best Oxyshred flavour" is perhaps the question we get asked the most by our customers. To get the answer simply click here to read an article we have published specifically on this question.

III. Pros and Cons of Oxyshred

A. Advantages

Effective at boosting metabolism and energy levels. Supports weight loss. Contains high-quality ingredients. Can improve mental focus and clarity. Offers great easy-to-drink flavours. 

B. Drawbacks

Oxyshred may cause side effects such as jitters or headaches for a very small amount of users. The higher caffeine content may not be suitable for everyone, although anyone who can handle 2-3 coffees daily shall usually be just fine.

IV. Results of Using Oxyshred

A. Real-life Results & Testimonials

Many users have reported positive results from using Oxyshred, including increased energy levels, improved mental focus, and weight loss. Some users have even reported seeing results within just a few days of using the supplement. Although what we see regularly from customers who combine it with a good diet and exercise are results they are happy with by the end of their first tub, this is between 2 weeks and 1 month.

For Trustpilot-verified customer reviews on Oxyshred we encourage you to visit our Oxyshred product page. These are with an average star rating of over 4.5. Based on this and the number of returning customers it would be fair to say that the majority of people who use Oxyshred are satisfied.

B. Explanation of How Oxyshred Works

Oxyshred works by boosting metabolism, increasing energy levels, and suppressing appetite. The combination of ingredients in the supplement is designed to target different aspects of weight loss, including fat burning, fat metabolism & appetite suppression and making it well-rounded and effective. 

C. Comparison with Similar Fat Burners

Oxyshred is a well-regarded mid-strength supplement that is often compared favourably to other similar products. However, users should always do their research on fat burners before making any purchase. For instance, for those who want a fat burner to take daily, Oxyshred may be ideal. Or for users seeking greater strength or a stronger formula, other higher stimulant products such as Oxyshred Hardcore may be a better option.

V. Dosage and Price of Oxyshred

A. Recommended Dosage

The recommended dosage of Oxyshred is two scoops per day, taken in the morning or early afternoon. Users should start with one scoop per day to assess their unique individual tolerance. Always follow the manufacturer's label directions. For more information or specific strategies on how and when to take Oxyshred click here

B. Price Comparison with Similar Fat Burners

At around A$1.30 per serve. Oxyshred is priced similarly to other fat burners available on the Australian market and is considered a reasonable value supplement for the quality of ingredients and the results that users report. Yes, you can get a lower-priced fat burner, but as with most things in life, you generally get what you pay for.

VI. Oxyshred FAQs

  • What does Oxyshred do to your body?

Oxyshred works in several ways on your body. The main functions of Oxyshred are to increase metabolism, reduce appetite & boost energy levels. For more detail about what Oxyshred does to your body be sure to read the explanation of how Oxyshred works above (section IV. B).

  • Can you lose weight on Oxyshred?

Yes, you can lose weight on Oxyshred. It is designed to assist with weight loss. Oxyshred works best if you use it as part of a comprehensive weight-loss program that includes a healthy diet & regular exercise.

  • Does Oxyshred burn belly fat?

Yes, it does. Oxyshred contains ingredients that target general fat burning, including burning belly fat.

  • Can Oxyshred make you gain weight?

No, Oxyshred cannot make you gain weight. It is designed to assist you to lose weight. If you are gaining weight whilst taking Oxyshred this may be caused by other factors including consuming too many calories, consuming the wrong type of calories, changes to your normal exercise pattern, poor sleep or stress.

  • Does Oxyshred help with bloating?

Yes, Oxyshred helps with bloating. Certain ingredients contained in Oxyshred may assist in reducing bloating (also known as fluid retention or water weight). It does this by acting as a natural diuretic.

  • How much caffeine is in Oxyshred?

There is 150mg of caffeine in Oxyshred. For comparison purposes, there are 75mg of caffeine in a shot of espresso coffee. This means a scoop of Oxyshred is equivalent to two (2) cups of coffee.

  • Does Oxyshred have creatine?

No, Oxyshred does not contain creatine. Creatine is a mass-building type supplement, so is not suitable to be included as an ingredient in Oxyshred.

  • Does Oxyshred Increase Testosterone

No, Oxyshred is not designed to increase testosterone.

  • Does Oxyshred have a lot of sugar?

No, Oxyshred has minimal sugar. Specifically, Oxyshred has 2.3g/100g of sugar (2.3%). There is no added sugar in Oxyshred, any sugar is naturally derived from the ingredients included in the formula.

VII. Conclusion

A. Summary

Oxyshred is a popular fat burner supplement that is designed to boost metabolism, increase energy, and support weight loss. The supplement contains high-quality ingredients, and many users report positive results, including increased energy levels, improved mental focus, and weight loss.

B. Final Thoughts

Oxyshred is a well-known supplement that can be an effective tool. Always combine Oxyshred with a healthy nutritious diet and exercise plan for the best results. It should be viewed as a high-quality supplement to support your desired goals.

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