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Branch Warren - Seated Military Press

Branch Warren demonstrates the Seated Military Press. Branch stresses the need to warm up as shoulder injuries can impede your bodybuilding progress. Branch trains instinctively to achieve the muscle growth without injury. Branch presses to the front and goes deep with the movement. The elbows are slightly in, which hits the front as well as side deltoids, traps & rear delts. Branches' tips: do the Military Press to the front, not to the rear, to not compromise the joints. An exercise such as this is very important to help you achieve a balanced and aesthetically pleasing physique. Go deep to feel the positive effect of this exercise. Branch does 2-3 working sets (once warmed up) of up to 15 reps per set. This way he stimulates the muscle with minimal injury risk. Nick Jones - world bodybuilding champion & Branch Warren - MuscleTech Athlete/IFBB Pro Bodybuilder

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