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Wide Grip Lat Pull Down
Wide Grip Lat Pulldown Technique. This is one of the most popular exercises for the back. Many think that the wider the grip, the wider the back - but this is not the case. When the elbows stay out to the side of the body in the fully contracted position, you work more of the upper back - the rhomboids, the traps, the teres. The lats work best when the elbows come to the mid line/side of the body. Posture is crucial when training the back. Keep the back, chin & chest up high. Lower the weight slowly and squeeze at the bottom. Visualise the scapula (shoulder blades) coming together, even trying to squeeze a grape at the lowest point of the exercise with the shoulder blades. Don'ts: Do not swing with the weight, rounding the lower back or not getting a full range of motion. Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion & Kymbel Hunt
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