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Wide Grip Chin Up
The Wide Grip Chins really helps to hit the upper back. Most bodybuilders & strength athletes think that the wider the grip, the more the lats are worked. However, the wider the grip, the more your elbows stay out to the side which will hit your upper back more including the rhomboids, the middle & lower traps & the teres major & minor. You do also work the lats a little bit, but will really focus on the upper back. Maintain an arch in the lower back during the exercise with a nice wide grip & ensuring your chest & chin is up. Also squeeze at the top of the movement before lowering yourself slowly back down. When you become more advanced, you might want to invest in some grips which will help you excel, as the forearms will give out faster than your back muscles. Don'ts - Avoid swinging & using momentum to get yourself to the top. Not squeezing at the top of the movement will also make the exercise less effective. Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion & Zoran Lekic - Bodybuilder.
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