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Walking Lunge
The Walking Lunge is the moving version of the static lunge. This exercise is excellent for stability, working all the stabilising muscles around the hip joint, the knee joint & the ankle joint. The walking lunge also activates the glutes moreso than the static lunge. This makes it a great exercise for athletes, ladies & pre-contest bodybuilders, but is a fantastic exercise overall as a way to finish off a leg workout. Maintain perfect posture with your chest & chin up. You should be nice & controlled on the way down, squeezing the front leg, before raising up & having the legs comes together again & alternating legs with each down phase. You can perform this exercise with either dumbbells, a weighted vest or without weights & simply using time under tension. Don'ts - Don't take too big or too small of a step. Avoid looking down & not keeping proper posture which can lead to instability. Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion & Zoran Lekic - Bodybuilder.
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