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Kneeling Leg Curl
The Kneeling Leg Curl is a great piece of equipment for really hitting the hamstrings. This is a great finishing exercise as you get a great stretch & as long as you use great technique. This exercise will target the hamstrings. As far as form is concerned, ensure that you maintain control, squeezing the hams at the top of the movement & lowering the weight slowly, which will keep constant tension on the hams. Keep the upper body completely still. Use perfect form in this exercise as you are going into a full stretch position which makes this exercise potentially dangerous. Don'ts: Avoid rocking through the upper body as well as using momentum to get the weight up, as  this will take tension away from the hams. Raising & lowering the weights too quickly & bouncing off the bottom is also to be avoided. Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion & Nathan Wallace - Natural Bodybuilder
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