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Rule 1 Protein: Your Gluten-Free Choices

Quick Summary Points

  • Rule 1 R1 Protein & R1 Whey Blend are fully gluten-free
  • A range of 18 delicious flavours are offered, all of which are gluten-free
  • Nutritional panels do not list gluten, emphasizing the gluten-free nature
  • Every batch produced is validated for consistent quality
  • Independent external auditors verify the brand
  • All product labels have a clear gluten-free marking
  • Even the Cookies & Cream flavour contains real cookie pieces made from gluten-free ingredients
  • The proteins are produced in an FDA-inspected, GMP-compliant, & banned substance-free facility


In the world of fitness supplements, Rule 1 R1 Protein & R1 Whey Blend stand out due to their full commitment to providing gluten-free choices. Gluten-free protein powders are vital for people with celiac disease, gluten sensitivity, or those who prefer a gluten-free diet. Understanding this necessity, Rule 1 has gone to great lengths to ensure their products are safe & enjoyable for everyone.

What Is Gluten

Gluten is a group of proteins found in wheat, barley, & rye. For some individuals, consuming gluten can lead to digestive problems, skin issues, & other health concerns. A gluten-free diet can alleviate these symptoms & contribute to overall well-being.

The Gluten-Free Guarantee of Rule 1 Proteins

Rule 1 guarantees that all their proteins, including R1 Protein & R1 Whey Blend, are gluten-free. This extends to their Cookies & Cream flavour, which ingeniously uses real cookie pieces made from gluten-free ingredients like tapioca starch, rice flour, sugar, & cocoa.

Rule 1 Gluten-Free Proteins: Ingredients

The ingredients of Rule 1 R1 Protein and R1 Whey Blend further affirm their gluten-free status. From the protein blend to the natural and artificial flavours, everything is meticulously selected to ensure no gluten content.

Gluten-Free Verification: How Rule 1 Ensures Gluten-Free Products

Gluten is not listed on the nutritional panel of Rule 1 proteins, & every product label features a clear gluten-free marking. Additionally, each batch of product undergoes rigorous validation, reinforcing the brand's commitment to delivering gluten-free proteins.

Rule 1 R1 Protein & R1 Whey Blend: Gluten-Free Flavour List

The staff at Mr Supplement have visually verified that the product label of the following flavours are listed as gluten-free:

  1. Birthday Cake: Gluten Free Confirmed
  2. Cafe Mocha: Gluten Free Confirmed
  3. Choc Coconut: Gluten Free Confirmed
  4. Choc Fudge: Gluten Free Confirmed
  5. Choc Hazelnut: Gluten Free Confirmed
  6. Chocolate Peanut Butter:  Gluten Free Confirmed
  7. Cookies & Cream: Gluten-Free Confirmed
  8. Cinnamon Swirl: Gluten Free Confirmed
  9. Frozen Banana: Gluten Free Confirmed
  10. Fruity Cereal: Gluten Free Confirmed
  11. Mint Chocolate Chip: Gluten Free Confirmed
  12. Orange Dreamsicle: Gluten Free Confirmed
  13. Pavlova Cake: Gluten Free Confirmed
  14. Strawberry Banana: Gluten Free Confirmed
  15. Strawberries & Cream: Gluten Free Confirmed
  16. Vanilla Butter Cake: Gluten Free Confirmed
  17. Vanilla Cream: Gluten Free Confirmed
  18. Lightly Salted Caramel: Gluten Free Confirmed

The High Standards of Rule 1 Proteins: Manufacturing & Quality Assurance

The production of Rule 1 proteins is held to high standards. The brand ensures this by manufacturing in an FDA-inspected, GMP-compliant, & banned substance-free facility. Moreover, external auditors independently verify the quality of Rule 1 proteins, offering an additional layer of assurance.

Rule 1 Gluten-Free Proteins: A Special Note

Rule 1's dedication to gluten-free products extends to surprising details. For instance, the Cookies & Cream flavour includes real cookie pieces made from gluten-free sources, allowing consumers to enjoy a classic flavour without gluten concerns.

Rule 1 Gluten-Free Proteins: In Conclusion

With its commitment to gluten-free products, Rule 1 offers high-quality, safe, & delicious protein options for all. Whether you require or prefer a gluten-free diet, Rule 1 R1 Protein & R1 Whey Blend give you a variety of flavours to enjoy without worry. Choose Rule 1, & choose a healthy, gluten-free lifestyle.


While Mr Supplement takes every care to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, the formulation & labelling of products may change. This is the responsibility of Rule 1 Proteins. Always read and understand the product label prior to consuming. Do not consume if you are unsure about the gluten-free status of the product.

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