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Rule 1 Protein Review

Quick Summary Points

  • Pure whey protein isolate, 90% + dual protein formula
  • 6g+ of BCAAs per 25g protein per serving
  • Added glutamine for the improvement of protein metabolism
  • 100% instantised for easy mixing
  • No protein concentrates meaning better input

The biggest thing that stands out about Rule 1 Proteins is their distinctive, crisp and classy branding. The motto for Rule 1 Proteins is ‘better input=better output’ so it goes without say they place a premium on quality products.  From the makers of popular and highly successful brand Optimum Nutrition, Rule 1 is also another front runner. Without further ado, let’s take a look at our review on Rule 1 Protein.

Rule 1 Protein Highlights

  • Exclusive use of whey protein isolate and hydrolysate
  • 6g of BCAAs to allow your muscles to recover and support fat loss by using body fat for fuel during your workouts 
  • Added glutamine that is great for the improvement of protein metabolism
  • Lack of fillers, creamers and gums 

Rule 1 Protein Ingredients & Dosage

The biggest feature of R1 Protein has just as much to do with what it leaves out as what it contains. With virtually no fat, carbs, or cholesterol and zero added creamers and gums, R1 Protein is one of the purest premium whey proteins available.  Being in the same price range as most other whey protein isolates, it’s fair to assume that R1 Protein is largely composed of whey protein isolate, with whey protein hydrolysate making up only a small fraction (i.e. ~5-10%) of total protein.

The other key ingredient feature is the inclusion of added branched chain amino acids, giving R1 Protein a total of just over 6g of BCAAs per 25g serve.

Rule 1 Protein Benefits, Pros & Effectiveness

The key features of Rule 1 Protein is mainly from the ingredients used in the formulation. The purest form of protein sources that are used in the supplement yield a higher amount of protein per gram compared to other common forms like whey protein concentrate. With its high protein and BCAA content, R1 Protein is definitely for serious trainers and athletes alike who are looking to maximise muscle recovery and growth resulting from their vigorous training. It’s hard to fault a whey protein supplement like this and with its high BCAA content, it’s sure to be effective for stimulating maximum protein synthesis following a solid session of weights. 

Rule 1 Protein Negatives & Cons

While most protein formulation are fairly straight forward Rule 1 Protein is no differenct which means that there aren’t really any negatives associated with Rule 1 Protein. It’s pretty much straight protein powder with very little else. 

Rule 1 Protein Taste, Flavour & Mixability

The flavours available for Rule 1 Protein are available in six varieties including Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberries & Cream, Cookies & Cream, Lightly Salted Caramel and Chocolate Peanut Butter. There are definitely flavours that are suitable for most people.  The flavours themselves are fairly mild due to the absence of sugars. The protein powder easily dissolves and mixes with ease without having any major issues.

Rule 1 Protein Verdict

Rule 1 Protein’s sharp look is reinforced by its sharp and strong formulation. With a high protein percentage on a gram for gram basis and added BCAA and glutamine, R1 Protein will more than do its job as for as muscle recovery and growth go. With a clean and lean formulation you can be rest assured that it will be an effective supplement. 

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