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Daniel. D
Daniel. D

Meet Daniel D., one of the men behind the Mr Supplement brand. Since joining the team back in 2015, he has brought with him a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the supplement industry. With many years of experience under his belt, Daniel has become a trusted authority on all things related to ingredients, supplements, & bodybuilding.

As the company's graphic designer, he brings a unique perspective to the table. He understands the importance of not only providing quality products but also creating a brand image that resonates with customers. Daniel's eye for detail & design skills have helped to shape the Mr Supplement brand into what it is today.

But Daniel's contributions to Mr Supplement don't end there. He is also an avid gym trainer & supplement user, which means he knows first-hand the challenges & rewards of building a better body. Whether he's working with customers in our retail stores or collaborating with the product formulation team, Daniel's passion for health & fitness shines through in everything he does.

Through his work in social media & general operations, Daniel has become a well-known figure in the supplement industry. His content is informative, engaging, & always backed up by research & experience. When you read an article written by Daniel, you can trust that it's coming from someone who truly knows their stuff.

In short, Daniel D. is an integral part of the Mr Supplement team. His passion, expertise, & dedication have helped to make Mr Supplement a leading brand in the Australian fitnessindustry. Whether you're a seasoned bodybuilder or just starting out, Daniel's articles are a must-read for anyone looking to improve their health & fitness.

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