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Phil Heath Interview - Winning Mr Olympia
An Interview With Phil Heath On What It Takes to Win Mr Olympia - For me, I think being a basketball player growing up and then in college has prepared me a lot for this. I had to travel a lot, still go to class and still try to maintain some form of social life. The only thing that was different was that I wasn't training 2-4 hours a day and eating 8 times a day. But it was still the same level of committment and dedication. Being on the road was also fairy similar. Even now in Australia, I'm getting up early, eating, training and doing interviews. I actually enjoy this process, because this is the perfect time for it, wheras getting ready for Mr Olympia, I wouldn't be as concerned with stuff like this.

I mean, I wouldn't stop doing interviews or meets and greets, but it's just that my mindset shifts solely about winning the title and I would not be doing this everyday. And I think a lot of bodybuilders that want my title don't realise that in order to win Mr Olympia, you're not only representing yourself up on the stage, but also the sport as well and that's a whole lot of pressure and that's why only 13 people have been able to do it. Because it's not just about lifting weight, it's not just about earing meals, you have to do it in different continents, in different hours of the day. You have to be willing to do interviews like this even when you're tired, sleepy or upset. You have to be that professional person, and that's where it becomes a whole different ball game.

A lot of bodybuilders are considered introverted and quiet; they want to do what Dorian Yates did. Hunker down in the gym, train and come to the show. Nowadays with the Internet, people need to see more about you, you need to be willing to travel halfway across the planet to promote, promote, promote. I feel like bodybuilding is one of the greatest sports around and it's my job to prove that. There are a lot of negative stereotypes out there and it's my job to debunk those by doing these appearances so you can get an idea that 'wow, this guy is articulate, charismatic, this and that, but he trains his butt off, is really strict on his diet and still makes it look easy.' Most bodybuilders just train, eat and sleep because it's so demanding. Doing these things are what is needed to take it up to a whole new level, to make me accountable and to make sure everything I do has more of a purpose than just winning a title. Phil Heath - Mr Olympia & Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion
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