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Phil Heath Interview - Hard Work
An Interview With Phil Heath On Working Hard - There's really no luck in this type of success. This is not a lottery. A lot of people and a lot of my friends say 'Oh, you're living the life.' or 'You're living the dream.' Yes, I'm living the dream, but it's because of hard work, not just because of God given genetics. Hard work beats talent all the time. Yes, I have to acknowledge the fact that I have received some type of genetic blessing, but I've been working hard since I was 5 years old playing sports. This started way before 2002 and becoming a bodybuilder. I grew up being an athlete, I grew up defying the odds of being a short guy playing basketball of all the sports. I worked hard every day and I enjoyed it.

When people tell me that I'm lucky, I say 'Why did I win $100 million in a contest?' No? Then how am i lucky? This is not luck. I intended to become Mr Olympia. I trained to be Mr Olympia. I didn't put my name in a hat and they drew my name and said 'Ok, you're Mr Olympia.' No I worked my butt off, day in day out over different adversities to become who you see before you today, and anyone that wants something like this will know what I'm talking about. I was not lucky, you could give someone all the opportunity in the World and it's on them to make sure that they get it done. Was someone lucky to get that job? No, because they still showed up to the interview and did a good job. And maybe you're lucky enough to have been given that job, but you didn't keep it because you didn't work hard. So for me, there's no luck in being Mr Olympia. In order to beat guys like Jay Cutler, kai Greene and Dennis Wolff, there's no luck involved. Phil Heath - Mr Olympia & Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion
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