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Phil Heath Interview - What Motivates Phil Heath
An interview with Phil Heath On What Drives Him - The fans, my sponsors, team Muscletech, they believe in me. My friends and family are always going to be there. They were there before I was Mr Olympia. They were there when I was driving a beat up car trying to get to work. They cared when I had nothing and they will care when I'm on my death bed. The fans and the sponsors, they're the ones that drive me because they're the ones that believe. A lot of the time, people who watch this, will say that I probably got into this because I was bullied or someone didn't believe in me. But you need to stop putting energy into negative things. I defied a lot of odds. When I got into bodybuilding, I knew nothing about it, I had a lot to learn. When I turned pro people told me, “he'll never have a chest, he'll never have an upper back, he's all arms, he'll never be Mr Olympia”. I tell myself I'm going to show them, but the average person who was critiquing me never even turned pro or won a pro contest so who are they to judge me? I wanted to show them and be the best. When I became the best they still talked trash. I began to think, why am I focusing so much on these people? Why am I willing to respond to a negative moron more than the positive kid who said I changed his life? I need to focus on him and the sponsors who are paying me to be the best. I need to focus on my family, my friends and my fans who want me to be the best. I win it for them now, because they're the ones who truly believe in me.  Phil Heath - Mr Olympia & Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion
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