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Phil Heath Interview - Developing Confidence
An Interview With Phil Heath On Development of Attitudes - For me, my attitudes developed through both my time in sport and through my friends and family. I grew up as an only child with no brothers or sisters, so the only people who believed in me were my parents, but also myself. My father was involved in filming and he worked in the States as a Tv engineers for NBC. He was an awesome role model for me and worked really hard. My mum too, who's been working at the same job for 35 years is also a very hard working woman. But I spent a lot of time by myself, cooking and training. I was the kid who would take my basketball to school everyday to the point that teachers would want to take it away from me as I took it in the hallway and they didn't want that. I've always hard to work hard and I never wanted to be last at anything. I didn't care if i was playing checkers, videos games, basketball, track, baseball, dind't matter which sport. I was very competitive and was always willing to try. My parents didn't really talk to me about success, they showed me it and led me by example. For me, I realised at an early age that if I wanted something I've never had before, I had to be willing to do something I've never done before. One basketball coach that I had once told me, 'Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.' Phil Heath - Mr Olympia & Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion
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