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Phil Heath interview - Advice For Overcoming Adversity
An interview with Phil Heath On Overcoming Adversity - One of my biggest adversities was my lack of training experience. I turned pro very fast without many years in the gym. I had to really understand that genetics alone weren't going to provide long term successes in the sport. Everybody's genetically blessed in this sport. I had to learn what some people did wrong to be where I am today, so that when I reached a fork in the road and I knew about a person who went one way and fell to their demise, whereas another person went the other way and became successful. That's how I made the right choices.  

There sometimes were temptations, like cheating on your diet or skipping a training session. You can’t think that you can cheat or skip training just because you’re genetically gifted. I learned very fast that I had to train like I had no genetics at all. If I can do that, then I can be unstoppable or at the very least the best I can be. Phil Heath - Mr Olympia & Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion
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