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Phil Heath Interview - How To Be Successful
An Interview With Phil Heath On Being Successful - You have to set yourself up for success. Nothing can or should distract you from your goal. Any successful person would want success more than sleep, food, water, shelter, anything. They want success more than air itself. As i matured into an adult and with bodybuilding, I had to wear all these different hats, trainer, nutritionist, manager and travel agent to name a few and the only way I could do it all was to be positive. The only way I could lift those weights was to be positive. It's my mind that will help me take control. Just look at those amazing feats of human strength where a mother is able to lift a car to save a trapped child. What if we can harness that potential everyday by psyching ourselves up to achieve a goal? That's what I believe anyone who's ever wanted to do something special and leave a permanent footprint on this Earth has done. That's why I was able to become the 13th Mr Olympia. My goal is to continue to do that so that perhaps it will inspire a kid out there to maybe get away from drugs and alcohol, violence and put all that energy and potential constructively and achieve positive results. Phil Heath - Mr Olympia & Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion
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