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Phil Heath - EZ Bar Bicep Curl

Training With Phil Heath – Exercise 1 – EZ Bar Bicep Curl: A great way to get the blood pumping to the biceps, the EZ Bar Bicep Curl is a fantastic way to start off a biceps workout. Using the bar helps you to work both the inner and outer part of the biceps and doing 21s helps you to warm up for the harder exercises to come. To start the exercise, grab the bar with a shoulder width or slightly wider than shoulder width grip. Lift the bar halfway for 7 reps, then from halfway to the top of the movement for 7 reps, then a full range of motion for 7 reps. Remember not to swing or use excessive body movement. Aim for 2-4 working sets depending on your training level and rest for 90-120 seconds in between sets. Phil Heath - Mr Olympia & Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion.

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