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Mark Alvisi - Spider Curls
Spider Curls with Mark Alvisi. Mark recommends this exercise to target the peak of the biceps. One reason he likes it is that you can't really cheat or use momentum to get the weight up. With this exericse you are forced to use the biceps muscle itself & it's a particularly good peaking exercise. With the bench set at about a 25 - 30 degree angle, curl the weight up with the hands supinated the whole way. As there's nothing to get in the way, this is an effective exercise to keep constant tension on the biceps. Really focus on squeezing and contracting the biceps at the top of the movement. Use perfect form throughout. Do about 4 sets, or 10-12 reps with the weight increasing with each set. Nick Jones - world bodybuilding champion & Mark Alvisi - Gaspari Nutrition Athlete/IFBB Pro Bodybuilder.
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