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Mark Alvisi - Skull Crushers
Training with Mark Alvisi - Exercise 3 - Skull Crushers: The third and final exercise for this session are the skull crushers, a great way to pump some blood into the muscle. The theory here is that you've already stimulate the muscle fibres with the heavy, compound exercises. The final exercise should focus on pumping a lot of blood into the muscle to stretch the muscle sheath and lining to accomodate the new muscle. Mark's version of the skull crushers is a bit unconventional as he pushes back towards the back wall by increasing the flexion of his shoulders. Although he locks the arms on this exercise, because of the angle, there is still a lot of tension on the muscle. As this is the last exercise, we're aiming for 7 sets of 12 reps with a short period of rest in between sets of around 30 seconds to keep the blood pumping. For more advanced trainers, you might like to do 1-2 more exercises to really attack the triceps such as seated dips. Nick Jones - World Champion Bodybuilder & Mark Alvisi - Gaspari Nutrition Athlete/IFBB Pro Bodybuilder
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