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Mark Alvisi - Preacher Curl / Scott Curl

Preacher Curl/Scott Curl named after Mr Olympia Larry Scott, known for his biceps. This is a great isolation movent, ideal as a finishing movement. This exericse is a ideal as a high volume exercise - FST-7 style to really help blood get into the muscle. Take an inside grip to help get a peak contraction, and keep constant tension on the biceps with only 30 seconds rest between sets. The rep tempo is such that it's slower on the way down and relatively faster as you power the weight up. For a mass building biceps exercise, he recommends the standing barbell curl, done earlier in your workout, ensuring that you warm up adequately before using heavier weights. Nick Jones - world bodybuilding champion & Mark Alvisi - Gaspari Nutrition Athlete/IFBB Pro Bodybuilder.

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