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Long Jack (Eurycoma longifolia) Side Effects

Long Jack (also known as Eurycoma longifolia, Longifolia, Jack, Tongkat Ali and Malaysian Ginseng) has traditionally been used throughout South East Asia as an aphrodisiac, an antimicrobial, a cure for fevers, and an antimalarial. It is of interest to the bodybuilding community because it is thought to be able to boost testosterone levels safely and effectively.

Long Jack Tongkat Ali Side Effects

The side effects associated with use of Long Jack or Tongkat Ali are mild and reversible, and like other natural testosterone boosters,  many people use this product without experiencing any adverse effects.

One of the most frequently reported side effects of Long Jack use is the feeling that the body temperature is elevated. This can sometimes be accompanied by a rash. While this is harmless, it can be irritating or embarrassing. The good news is that most people find these symptoms decrease in severity after a few weeks of use and can also be controlled by lowering the dose.

Another common side effect of Long Jack use is restlessness. This may extend to insomnia and anxiety in certain people. These symptoms may also diminish with time, and can be controlled by reducing the dose. Anybody experiencing side effects or concerns while using Long Jack is encouraged to stop taking the supplement and consult their doctor.

Long Jack Side Effects - Testosterone and Muscle

Long Jack has the ability to increase testosterone levels, particularly in people who naturally have lower amounts of this hormone. While this is a desired effect for many people, as testosterone has anabolic properties, improves libido, and has positive effects on body fat, focus and mood, increased testosterone can have side effects. Thankfully, at the safe levels attained by Long Jack use, these are mild, and may include anger, impatience, acne and thicker body hair. People with pre-existing conditions, including some types of cancer, prostate issues and liver disease should consult their medical professional before using Long Jack because heightened testosterone levels can interfere with treatment in some cases.

Long Jack Root Side Effect

Although not a side effect of the plant directly, adulteration of Long Jack products is common, and this supplement should only be purchased from a trustworthy source. The United States Food and Drug administration has tested a number of products that claim to contain Long Jack, and found that a large number of these, particularly those purchased from overseas retailers online, did not contain the ingredient as stated, and in many cases, the preparation was adulterated with prescription and non prescription drugs (1). There is a large danger in the use of products with unknown ingredients, and people are encouraged to purchase products containing Long Jack from reputable sources.

Long Jack Side Effects – 20:1 preparations

Long Jack typically comes in a preparation with a specific dilution ratio, of which 1:20 is the strongest available. In spite of this attempt to standardise dosage, there is no ingredient within the plant that is used to compare batches and preparations, so users should be not be surprised if the effects, including side effects, fluctuate between preparations or brands, even if the same dilution is used each time.

(1) Hidden Risks of Erectile Dysfunction "Treatments" sold online. United Stated Food and Drug Administration. Accessed 18th June 2014.

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