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Gamma Butyrobetaine

Quick Summary Points

  • Gamma Butyrobetaine aka Lean GBB is a compound found in the body
  • Benefits of GBB include increase in energy, exercise performance & fat loss
  • This compound is commonly used in fat burners and pre workouts
  • Although generally regarded as safe, it is best to stick to recommended dosages

We’ve all heard carnitine. Carnitine is one of the most popular supplements that many people use for a variety of benefits including fat loss, cognitive function and muscle recovery. With more and more products on the market, ingredients can play a significant role in differentiating the pros and cons of a product. However, not everyone is familiar with all ingredients especially if its under a different name. In this article, we will be specifically talking about this rapidly growing ingredient: Gamma butyrobetaine aka LeanGBB™ or ProGBB™. 

What is Gamma Butyrobetaine? 

Gamma-butyrobetaine is the precursor to L-carnitine production in the body. So, when you take it, it increases the production of carnitine in your body and in turn creates energy from the fatty acids. Gamma butyrobetaine gets converted into L-carnitine by an enzyme known as gamma butyrobetaine dehydrogenase; through this process carnitine creates energy and utilises the transport of fatty acids which in turn assists with weight loss. 


Where Does Gamma Butyrobetaine Come From?

As mentioned above, gamma butyrobetaine is the precursor to L-Carnitine production in the body which comes from the liver and kidneys. Without sufficient carnitine, there are numerous biological processes that cannot function in the body like cognitive function, muscle recovery and the process of weight loss.  

Gamma Butyrobetaine Benefits

Now that we know that gamma butyrobetaine helps to make carnitine, some may ask why not just take carnitine by itself? Research studies suggest that supplementing with gamma butyrobetaine can increase the uptake of carnitine of up to 30 times.1 Companies are starting to use gamma butyrobetaine mainly for its fat loss properties and stability as a L-Carnitine igniter. Recent studies have suggested that after consuming GBB, it has increased the training capacity, cardiovascular health and the fat burning  process. GBB delivers L-carnitine naturally which is effective in fuelling your workouts by providing the required energy during workouts. It acts as a great fuel source to help maximise peak performance.

Gamma Butyrobetaine Dosage, Safety & Side Effects

The standard dose for gamma butyrobetaine is approximately between 10-25 mg twice per day or 10-50 mg per day. Gamma butyrobetaine is dose dependent and can vary between each individual. If taken in high doses, some may experience few side effects including nausea, vomiting and gastric distress. If this is the case, it is best to discontinue use and speak to a healthcare professional. If you’re new to supplements, it is best to check and start with the smallest dose and work your way up. Generally, gamma butyrobetaine is deemed as safe but we recommend sticking with the respective dosages.  

Gamma Butyrobetaine Supplements

Gamma butyrobetaine is commonly found in fat burners thanks to the thermogenic fat burning properties especially if taken as a pre workout. Some supplements that contain gamma butyrobetaine (LeanGBB™) include Body War Body Shred, Body War Shred and the latest supplement by Muscle Nation Destiny

1Hongu, N, et. al; “Carnitine and choline supplementation with exercise alter carnitine profiles, biochemical markers of fat metabolism and serum leptin concentration in healthy women“; The Journal of Nutrition; January 2003;.

2Rebouche CJ. Kinetics, pharmacokinetics, and regulation of L-carnitine and acetyl-L-carnitine metabolism. Ann N Y Acad Sci 2004;1033:30-41.

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