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Quick Summary

  • Turkesterone is an ecdysteroid found in plants & insects, used by the latter for moulting & metamorphosis.
  • As a supplement, it was originally derived from the Ajuga plant but can be extracted from a wide variety of other plants.
  • Early studies on Turkesterone show it may promote lipid & carbohydrate metabolism, protein synthesis, & muscle hypertrophy.
  • In bodybuilding, Turkesterone could help with weight maintenance, fat loss, & improvement of protein metabolism.
  • There is no definitive evidence on the translation of animal study results to human studies.
  • Turkesterone can be used by women as well for weight loss & muscle gain due to its low liver toxicity & limited androgenic properties.
  • There is limited evidence of any serious side effects from Turkesterone use, but further research is needed.
  • There are no definitive dosage guidelines for Turkesterone, but anecdotal evidence suggests keeping daily doses under 10mg/kg of body weight.
  • Turkesterone has grown in popularity as a supplement ingredient since 2021.
  • When selecting a Turkesterone supplement, trust, transparency about the active ingredient, third-party quality assurance, & an appropriate dose per serving are crucial factors.
  • Turkesterone is legal to import, advertise, & retail in Australia.
  • It can be stacked with other supplements like testosterone boosters, estrogen blockers, or growth hormone boosters.
  • Turkesterone is believed to enhance muscle growth & athletic performance but is not a steroid hormone like testosterone.
  • The need to cycle Turkesterone & its long-term impact is still unclear due to a lack of comprehensive research.
  • Liquid Turkesterone is considered the best form due to its high absorbability.

What is Turkesterone?

Turkesterone is an ecdysteroid (ECDY) which are steroid hormone found commonly in arthropods & insects but can also be found in certain plant species. These are known as phytoecdysteroids. In plants, these groups of compounds are used to deter predators while in insects they help to regulate key processes such as moulting and metamorphosis or insect development. Few studies have been performed on Turkesterone, however, there has been interest in ecdysteroids, especially 20-Hydroxyecdysone as having many potential anabolic and beneficial effects including affecting metabolism and growth.

Where Does Turkesterone Come From?

As mentioned Turkesterone is found in a wide variety of moulting insects and animals such as crabs. It was originally derived from the Ajuga plant, also known as Bugleweed, Ground Pine or Carpet Bugle. However, it is present & can be extracted from a wide variety of other plants including, Leuzea Carthamoides, Rhaponticum, Stemmacantha Uniflora, Vitex Fisherii & the Cyanotis Vaga plant which is common to the African continent.

Turkesterone Benefits

As previously mentioned, few studies have been conducted on Turkesterone specifically as most of the studies have looked at different ecdysteroids. What few studies of Turkesterone have shown is it may help promote lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, promote protein synthesis, aid muscle hypertrophy & increase strength. Human and animal studies have been conducted that do support this. While the effects in early studies were not large in effect when compared with synthetic substances, in bodybuilding as with animal nutrition, every little bit counts.

Turkesterone Benefits for Bodybuilding

If Turkesterone has positive effects on lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, it could be a very viable supplement to help with weight maintenance and fat loss. In terms of your generic ecdysteroid, there appears that the growth-promoting effects were due to due to better nitrogen retention and therefore a better protein metabolism profile with reduced protein catabolism and increased anabolism. However, these results have not been translated into human studies yet.

Turkesterone for Women; A Safe Effective Way to Boost Muscle Mass & Athletic Performance

Turkesterone can be used by women as well as men, to help with weight loss and muscle gain. It may help to increase lean muscle-mass, strength, and enhance athletic performance. Further to this as Turkesterone has been shown to have low liver toxicity in animal studies & nil to limited androgenic properties. It may be ideal for female trainers seeking Turkesterone benefits, without the potential side effects that a traditional testosterone booster may have.  

Turkesterone Negatives & Side Effects

There don’t appear to be any serious side effects from Turkesterone use and few if any published toxicology studies. Anecdotal evidence suggests doses up to 1000mg daily and perhaps even up to 2000mg are safe in humans. However, ecdysterone, another common ecdysteroid has a proposed lethal dose in mice of 6.4g-9g/kg of body weight depending on the method of administration. The issue with ecdysteroids is that they are actually very easily metabolised in the body and thus it is thought that a large amount is required to offer the benefits mentioned above. Interestingly, low doses of around 0.02 ug/kg of body weight in animals have been shown to offer beneficial effects. Therefore more studies & time may be required to ascertain the safety of Turkesterone.

Turkesterone Recommended Doses & Ingredient Timing

There is little scientific consensus on dosing for Turkesterone nor are there recommendations for ingredient timing. It is best therefore to be cautious with your dosages and keep them at a level of under 10mg/kg of body weight daily. In fact, one study which used ecdysterone's on resistance-trained males only used a supplement containing 30mg consumed once per day in the morning. Some manufacturers of Turkesterone viewed are recommending 500mg to 1000mg daily. 

Turkesterone Supplements

Turkesterone up until 2020 was a relatively obscure novel ingredient used in supplements. In previous years a few muscle-building testosterone-boosting supplement formulations employed it as an ingredient in complex formulas. Commonly those looking for turkesterone may have found it listed as ecdysterone or ECDY.

Buy Underground Labs Turkesterone

This situation however changed in early 2021 when social media-driven information bought the public's attention to Turkesterone. During this period accessing this ingredient was challenging with demand outstripping supply. Some more prominent brand owners, early adopters & manufacturers included Gorilla Mind Turkesterone in the United States, German Pharma Turkesterone in Europe & Underground Labs Turkesterone in Australia.

Best Turkesterone Supplement

Let's be realistic everyone. Competing supplement brands are going to tell you there's is the best. Understanding there for which Turkesterone supplement to choose can be confusing and a little bit of a lucky dip to the uneducated. To assist here are some basic rules one can follow.

  1. Choose a brand that you are familiar with. Ideally, one that has been a proven performer with the other supplements they manufacture. The longer they have been in business the better. Trust is important.
  2. The active ingredient is what counts; Thus, whether your Turkerestone comes from a certain plant being Ajuga Turkestanica, Stemmacantha, Leuzea Carthamoides or Cyanotis Vaga. Arthropods or Insects. All that matters is the Turkesterone (the active ingredient). As such don't get caught up worrying too much about the original source or which plant is best.
  3. Look for "Extract 10% Turkesterone". This is the strongest genuine version of Turkesterone commercially available. If you see marketing around 20:1 please know this is a far weaker version so best avoid it.
  4. A 500mg dose of the above-mentioned extract is desirable. Smaller mg capsule amounts may seem great value yet make the product more expensive per 500mg serve, watch out for this. To ensure accurate dosing it's also best to avoid powdered versions.
  5. Pharmaceutical industry quality Turkesterone is available, however not necessary as this is the same as a 10% Turkesterone extract, just with additional testing. Production of this version due to the high price is not commercially viable & at the time of writing has not been seen advertised.
  6. Stay away from proprietary blends, & yes there are a few on the market. The reality is unless you can see how much of each ingredient is included, you just don't know how much Turkesterone you are getting.
  7. Look for a Turkesterone that is manufactured in a facility that is 3rd party quality accredited.
  8. Seek a Turkesterone that is HPLC tested.

Is Turkesterone Legal or Banned in Australia

Turkesterone at the time of writing is legal to import, advertise and retail in Australia. Some individuals have hypothesised that due to its scarcity, it must be illegal. Other individuals have also had imports cease fueling this speculation. The reality though is that Australian import permits &/or documentation is required, this can be for the individual a difficult process. As such the importing of Turkesterone is mostly done by supplement brand owners or their appointed contractors.

Stacking Turkesterone

Turkesterone can be stacked well with testosterone boosters, estrogen blockers or growth hormone boosters, but may also be used with fat loss supplements due to its possible ability to alter lipid and carbohydrate metabolism.

Turkesterone FAQs

  • What does Turkesterone do to your Body? Turkesterone is believed to enhance muscle growth & athletic performance by improving protein synthesis in the body.
  • Is Turkesterone a steroid? Turkesterone is an ecdysteroid, found naturally in plants & insects, but it's not a steroid hormone like testosterone.
  • Is Turkesterone actually safe? There's limited scientific research about Turkesterone's safety, but it's generally considered safe for short-term use in healthy individuals.
  • Does Turkesterone lower testosterone? No, Turkesterone does not lower testosterone levels. It's an ecdysteroid, not an anabolic steroid.
  • What is the downside of Turkesterone? The potential downside of Turkesterone includes a lack of extensive research on its long-term safety & efficacy, along with possible unknown side effects.
  • Will Turkesterone fail a drug test? No, Turkesterone is a legal supplement & is not currently on the World Anti-Doping Agency's (WADA) list of prohibited substances. To my knowledge, it is not deemed illegal by any Australian testing authority be it for sport, or employment (i.e. mine worker of defence force personnel).
  • Is Turkesterone safer than creatine? It's unclear whether Turkesterone is safer than creatine due to insufficient comparative research. Both supplements however would be classified as low-risk.
  • Is Turkesterone liver toxic? No, there's no specific evidence to suggest Turkesterone is liver toxic, but long-term effects are not well-studied. Turkesterone based on its chemical structure would be a low-risk supplement to cause liver toxicity.
  • Does Turkesterone shrink balls? No, Turkesterone does not have a known direct effect on testicle size, unlike some anabolic steroids. We have heard of NO reports that Turkesterone shrinks testicle size.
  • Can you take Turkesterone everyday? Yes, Turkesterone is often taken daily in supplement form, but the long-term impact of this usage pattern is not well-studied.
  • Do you need to cycle Turkesterone? The need to cycle Turkesterone is unclear due to a lack of comprehensive scientific research.
  • Is Turkesterone for bulking or cutting? Turkesterone is typically used for bulking due to its reported ability to enhance protein synthesis & muscle growth. As noted in this article though, Turkesteone though its mechanism may help promote lipid & carbohydrate metabolism, & in turn be good for cutting.
  • Can you get Gyno from Turkesterone? There is no evidence suggesting Turkesterone can cause gynecomastia (gyno).
  • Is Turkesterone a form of testosterone? No, Turkesterone is not a form of testosterone. It's a type of ecdysteroid.
  • How long has Turkesterone been around? Turkesterone, as an ecdysteroid, has been studied since the mid-20th century, but it has only become popular as a supplement since 2021.
  • Is Turkesterone overhyped? No, it is not. Some critics suggest that Turkesterone may be overhyped due to a lack of robust, long-term scientific evidence supporting its effectiveness & safety. Ancedotal real-world evidence however suggests it is not overhyped.


Turkesterone is a type of ecdysteroid that shows potential as a performance-enhancing supplement. The compound, found naturally in various plants & insects, is believed to enhance muscle growth & athletic performance by promoting protein synthesis & altering lipid & carbohydrate metabolism.

While early studies show promising results, the safety & effectiveness of Turkesterone in humans still need further investigation. Despite the lack of scientific consensus on dosage & timing, anecdotal evidence suggests a dose under 10mg/kg of body weight daily might be beneficial.

When choosing a Turkesterone supplement, consumers should look for trusted brands, transparency about the active ingredient, & third-party quality assurance. Turkesterone is currently legal in Australia & can be combined with other supplements like testosterone boosters, estrogen blockers, or growth hormone boosters. Should further information be required about Turkesterone please reach out to a Mr Supplement professional for assistance.


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