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Discover the Best Australian Fitness Supplement Brands: Boost Your Performance and Support Local Industry

As Australians, we are proud of our world-class fitness supplement brands, known for their premium quality products & innovative approach. In this article, we explore some of the most popular Australian gym supplement brands that cater to diverse needs & preferences, from elite athletes to everyday fitness enthusiasts.

Choosing these local brands not only supports your health & fitness goals but also contributes to the growth of the Australian economy & job creation. Discover the exciting world of Australian fitness supplement brands & trust their dedication to quality & innovation to help you achieve a healthy, active, & vibrant lifestyle. Listed in alphabetical order:

Advanced Sports Nutrition: established in the 1990s

Founded in Melbourne by bodybuilder Peter Memete, ASN has become a reliable source of high-quality sports nutrition products. Their popular HP-100 hydrolyzed whey protein was one of the first Hydrolyzed WPIs available in Australia and has gained a loyal following among bodybuilders & fitness enthusiasts. 

ATP Science: established in 2010

ATP Science, founded by Jeff & Toni Doidge & Matt Legge after a Queensland coffee shop meeting, ATP has grown into a well-respected brand that offers innovative, science-backed products. Their GutRight & Noway collagen protein powder has gained considerable popularity in the market. ATP Science grew its business in part on the back of a successful podcast series with hundreds of episodes produced. Today ATP Science has attracted investment from Cortina Capital's private equity fund who has taken a sizable interest in the business. ATP Science has its own manufacturing facility located in Meadowbank, capable of producing nutritional bars on a large scale. They further export internationally to countries including the US, UAU & Asia.

Before You Speak: established in 2017

Founded by Jaryd Terkelsen & Ash Bisset, Before You Speak aims to revolutionize coffee by infusing it with natural, health-boosting ingredients. Their High-Performance Coffee combines caffeine with Siberian ginseng, turmeric, black pepper, & MCT oil, enhancing mental clarity, focus, & overall well-being. Another popular product, Glow Collagen Coffee, blends coffee with hydrolyzed collagen, biotin, & MCT oil, supporting healthy hair, skin, and nails. By choosing Before You Speak, you're supporting a proudly Australian brand while embracing a brighter, healthier, & more energetic lifestyle with each delicious sip.

Body Ripped: established in 1992

Long time owned & managed by the Sadikay family in Melbourne, Body Ripped has become a trusted name in the fitness community for creating high-quality, targeted supplements that help bodybuilders & fitness enthusiasts achieve their goals. Dedicated to producing cutting-edge products, Body Ripped offers a wide range of supplements, including popular options like their Protein Pancakes, Protein Powders & Amino Acids. These innovative products cater to various fitness goals such as muscle building, fat loss, & overall health. Driven by a passion for excellence, Body Ripped continually strives to develop advanced, scientifically-backed formulations that empower individuals to push their limits & reach their full potential. By choosing Body Ripped, you're supporting a proudly Australian brand that shares your passion for fitness & is devoted to helping you transform your body & achieve your dreams.

BPM Labs: established in 2010

Operating out of Queensland & created by Greg & Gail Nikolettos, BPM Labs has gained a reputation for hardcore, high-quality supplements. Their popular pre-workout, The One, has been a fan favourite since its launch. They are also known for innovation with products such as their CB2 Hemp Oils & Hormone Support supplements.

Bronx: established in the early 2000s

Bronx Sports Nutrition was founded by 3-time Australian champion bodybuilder Chris Dean, & is known for two things. Their range of workout accessories and straps, as well as their Wild Bull range of sports supplements. Bronx Wild Bull supplements are among the best value-for-money products you can find. This is possible because Bronx, has taken a no-bull approach to supplements. No fancy marketing, no gimmicks, no sparkly labels, and no fillers. What you get are just pure and good old-fashioned ingredients.

There are very few premixed products in the Bronx range, so it’s a brand suited more so towards the more experienced and knowledgeable trainers who wish to mix their own supplements. Unlike other brands, Bronx actually does not make a protein powder. Instead, they focus more so on other ergogenic ingredients, such as Bronx Micronised Creatine & L-Carnitine.

BSc Body Science: established 1999

Founded by Greg Young, Body Science is one of Australia’s most well-known sports nutrition companies. The reason for this is simple. They're advertising is everywhere! They proudly sponsor some of the biggest names in professional rugby league, rugby union, cricket, basketball, and AFL, as well as elite athletes. Providing these athletes with a comprehensive range of high-quality nutritional supplements as well as cutting-edge compression garments, it’s hard to not be familiar with the BSc logo. With such a commitment to professional athletes, BSc has a squeaky-clean image, making reliable, safe, and effective products with a heavy emphasis on performance. This includes products including protein powders, nutritional snacks, as well as supplements like fat burners, pre-workouts & more. Some popular products include their Athletes Multi-Vitamin, Myocytin Creatine, TX100 Green Tea & Triandrobol testosterone enhancer. Additionally, BSc has won numerous awards, including the Australian Small Business Champion Awards, Telstra Business Awards, and the Australian Business Award for Innovation. In 2022 BSc was acquired by the Swedish FMCG business Humble Group. BSc is continually expanding its national footprint, & more recently its products may be found Australia-wide in major pharmacies & grocery channels.

Dr Keto: established in 2018

Dr Keto offers a range of keto-specific supplements. In Australia, it is one of the very few, perhaps only brands, to offer GoBHB®, a bio-identical ketone salt named beta-hydroxybutyrate used by ketogenic dieters and athletes.

EHP Labs: established in 2012

Founded by Izhar Basha in Sydney, EHP Labs has grown into a global sports supplement brand on the back of high-quantity, high-quality social media marketing. Their popular OxyShred is a category-leading thermogenic fat burner, while IsoPept Zero is a rapid-absorption hydrolyzed whey protein isolate that supports muscle recovery & growth. With a range of other products like Pride pre-workout & Beyond BCAA+EAA & a range of RTD carbonated Oxyshred cans, EHP Labs offers premium, scientifically-backed supplements for your fitness journey.

Elemental Nutrition: established in 2003

Elemental Nutrition was established in Melbourne Australia, in 2003, & produces some of the most innovative best-formulated supplements in the world. They are known for making potent products, using the highest extract ingredients & offering them at a price point that represents exceptional value for money.

Some of their better-known products include the highly popular Shredding Matrix fat loss protein, the super-concentrated testosterone booster, Massive Muscle Fuel, and their Creapure® German Creatine Monohydrate. Elemental produces a full range of other supplements to support all phases of your training, as well as a range of single-ingredient supplements.

Endura Sports Nutrition: established in 1996

Endura Sports Nutrition, founded by Jim McFarlane, is dedicated to helping athletes reach peak performance. With popular products like Endura Rehydration Performance Fuel & Endura Optimizer, they have become a staple for endurance athletes.

Faction Labs: established in 2019

Faction Labs, was founded on the Gold Coast by long-time supplement industry professional Andrew Neilan. It is an innovative Australian supplement brand that focuses on developing high-performance products to fuel gym enthusiasts. Their flagship pre-workout supplement, Disorder, has gained mega-popularity for its intense energy boost, laser-sharp focus, & impressive endurance support. With cutting-edge formulations & industry-best packaging, Faction Labs continually pushes the boundaries of sports nutrition to help customers maximize their workouts & achieve their fitness goals.

Gen-Tec Nutraceuticals: established in 1999

Founded in Adelaide by NABBA world champion Australian bodybuilder Nick Jones, GenTec products all carry the endorsement and personal guarantee from one of Australia’s best bodybuilders. Much like Nick Jones, GenTec’s focus is on bodybuilding and endeavours to get you bigger. Available in distinctive retro-looking red packaging, the GenTec range is well-rounded. Although technically retired from professional bodybuilding, Nick Jones is still a high-profile athlete very much in the game. As such, he knows the ins and outs of the industry as well as the latest in nutritional research. This means that GenTec products carry a no-nonsense approach, and range from proven old-school favourites to modern cutting-edge science. If you’re a bodybuilder, you can find everything you need with popular products such as Hydroxy Thermo Fuel, Ultimate Male Fuel testosterone booster, and their Pro Mass Weight Gainer.

International Protein: established in 2001

Founded by Troy Bremner & 3-time world champion bodybuilder Christine Envall. One can be forgiven for not knowing that International Protein is an Australian brand. As the name suggests, International Protein is best known for its protein powders. Containing a range of different protein powders to support everything from weight loss to weight gain. Their flagship product is the best-selling International Protein Amino Charged WPI. International Protein is a highly respected brand within the Aussie supplement industry that also export to overseas markets.

Macro Mike: established in 2016

Founded by Mike Kellett, Macro Mike is a trailblazing Australian health food brand, dedicated to crafting delicious, plant-based, allergen-friendly products. The brand offers a range of protein powders, baking mixes, & guilt-free snacks made from high-quality, natural ingredients. Macro Mike has become a popular choice for individuals seeking tasty, nutritious, & sustainable options to support their active lifestyles while accommodating dietary restrictions such as gluten-free, dairy-free, & vegan preferences. In 2023 they became a major sponsor of the NRL's Gold Coast Titans.

Max’s: established in 1989

Max’s is an iconic Australian bodybuilding brand that has been around since 1989. Founded by well-known Australian/NZ bodybuilder Keith Ellis & Biochemist Paul Kirkham in Melbourne, Max’s are best known for their top-quality protein powders, and of course, the hilariously muscular Max caricature. Over the years, Max’s has been a favourite among bodybuilders & powerlifters because they are able to provide reliable nutritious protein powders & nutritional snacks which are considered to be among the best tasting in the market. Regardless of what you’re looking for in a protein supplement, Max’s has you covered. They offer products such as the hugely popular Super Shred for weight loss, and SuperSize for weight gain, & have helped hundreds of thousands of Australians achieve their fitness goals.

Maxines: established in 2003

Created as a sister brand to Max's, Maxines offers a range of supplements specifically designed for women. Their popular products include Maxines Burn Protein & Maxines Night Time Protein.

Musashi: established in 1987

Founded by Tim Horewood in Melbourne & named after the legendary Japanese swordsman. Musashi has been a trusted name in sports nutrition for decades & is arguably the first well know Australian supplement brand. Their popular products include Musashi Bulk Mass Gain Protein & Musashi P30 High Protein. They produce a range of powders, nutritional snacks & drinks. Today Musashi is owned by Vitaco, a publicly traded company on the ASX.

Nutra Organics: established in 1998

Founded by Mark and Darlene Powell on the northern NSW coast. Nutra Organics is an Australian family-owned business focused on promoting holistic health & well-being through nutrient-dense, natural, & sustainable supplements. Offering a diverse range of superfoods, whole food nutrition bars, collagen products, & organic pantry staples, Nutra Organics aims to nourish & empower individuals & families. With a strong commitment to quality, the brand sources ethically & sustainably, ensuring that its products not only benefit consumers but also support the environment & the global community.

Onest: established in 2018

Founded by Sydney-born Ryan Spitiri, Onest is an Australian supplement brand that focuses on providing high-quality, innovative, & effective products to support your fitness goals. Their product lineup includes popular offerings like their Hyperburn fat-burner, Hyperload pre-workout powder & Thermosleep nighttime formula. Ryan, himself an influential figure in the fitness industry with a large social media following is supported by a professional & experienced group of supplement professionals.

Pillar Performance: established in 2020

Founded by ex-waratahs Rugby professional Damien Fitzpatrick in Sydney, Pillar Performance offers premium micronutrient supplements backed by science. With a focus on joint health, muscle recovery, & overall performance, their products, such as Triple Magnesium, Ultra Omega-3, & Elite Joint, cater to the unique needs of athletes & active individuals. Pillar Performance is dedicated to bridging the gap between sports nutrition & sports medicine, ensuring optimal support for those pursuing their athletic goals.

Prana On: established in 2015

Prana On is an award-winning Australian plant-based nutrition brand, founded by former amateur Mr Universe & vegan advocate, Billy Simmonds. Offering a comprehensive range of protein powders, pre-workouts, intra-workouts, & superfood supplements, Prana On caters to the needs of fitness enthusiasts seeking natural, cruelty-free, & sustainable options. With a commitment to quality & taste, Prana On's products are crafted from premium ingredients, ensuring optimal nutrition & support for those pursuing a healthy, active, & plant-based lifestyle. Prana On was acquired in 2021 by Melbourne food manufacturing company Flavour Makers.

Pure Supps: established in 2015

Pure Supps is an Australian supplement brand dedicated to providing high-quality, affordable, & straightforward nutrition solutions for gym-goers & athletes. With a focus on essential products, Pure Supps offers a range of protein powders & mass gainers, designed to support muscle growth, recovery, & overall performance. By prioritizing purity, simplicity, & effectiveness, with in excess of 100'000 SKUs sold, Pure Supps has become a popular choice for individuals seeking reliable & cost-effective supplements to fuel their fitness journeys.

Red Dragon Nutritionals: established in 2019

Founded in Sydney by long-time supplement industry professional Ryan Pedone. Red Dragon Nutritionals is an Australian supplement brand dedicated to developing innovative and high-quality products for athletic performance, recovery, & overall well-being. The brand offers popular supplements such as the potent pre-workout Dragon's Breath, the comprehensive night formula Hibernate, & the powerful thermogenic fat burner Fireball. Catering to the diverse needs of fitness enthusiasts and athletes, Red Dragon Nutritional's commitment to cutting-edge formulations, premium ingredients, & great taste has made it a rising star in the sports nutrition market.

Smart Diet Solutions: established in 2011

Smart Diet Solutions, founded in Melbourne by Sam Hassan, offers delicious nutritionally balanced protein snacks, with popular items like their Smart Protein Bars. The brand focuses on creating products that cater to various dietary preferences, including gluten-free, keto-friendly, & low-carb. They are artificial colour, flavour & preservative free, also containing zero sugar alcohols. By utilizing high-quality ingredients, the brand ensures that its offerings are both satisfying & supportive of health & fitness goals. Smart Bars are well-balanced treats that are a favourite among health-conscious consumers seeking tasty alternatives without compromising their fitness objectives.

Switch Nutrition: established in 2017

Founded by Greg Haglund on the Gold Coast, Switch Nutrition is an Australian supplement brand dedicated to creating innovative, scientifically backed, & natural formulations for health, fitness, & well-being. Emphasizing natural ingredients & avoiding artificial additives, the brand offers products that are both safe & effective. With popular supplements like the thermogenic fat burner Thermo Switch, the adrenal support formula Adrenal Switch, and the amino acid blend Amino Switch, Switch Nutrition caters to a wide range of fitness goals. The company's commitment to quality, transparency, & sustainability has made Switch Nutrition a top choice for health-conscious individuals seeking clean & effective supplements.

Tribeca Health X50: established in 2010

Founded by fitness entrepreneur Steve Trinder, Tribeca Health, X50 offers a range of functional beverages and supplements to support health and fitness. Their popular Green Tea X50 is a fan favourite. In addition, the brand offers a variety of supplements, including pre-workouts, collagen, & plant-based protein options. Their dedication to providing effective & enjoyable solutions has made them a trusted choice among fitness enthusiasts & health-conscious consumers. With a strong emphasis on promoting a balanced, active lifestyle, Tribeca Health X50 has become a leader in the Australian supplement industry.

Underground Labs: established in 2017

Catering to the needs of hardcore athletes, Underground Labs is dedicated to creating supplements that deliver exceptional results. Their commitment to research & development allows them to formulate potent products that are highly sought after by those looking to push their limits. Alongside their popular Roidz testosterone booster & No Fat fat-burner, Underground Labs offers a comprehensive range of supplements designed to support muscle growth, strength, endurance, & recovery. Their unwavering dedication to quality & performance has solidified their reputation as a top choice for serious athletes & fitness enthusiasts alike.

Vital Strength: established in 1993

Founded in Sydney & one of Australia's pioneering supplement brands, Vital Strength has been committed to delivering high-quality, scientifically-formulated products for three decades +. Vital Strength offers a wide range of supplements, including their popular Hydroxy Ripped thermogenic protein & 100% Whey Protein Powder. The brand was acquired around 2016 by ASX-listed Noumi.

Vital Supplements: established in 2000

Founded by two naturopaths, Stephen Sprada & Shane Sullivan. Vital Supplements focuses on providing essential nutrients and supplements to support overall well-being. Popular products include Vital All-In-One, a comprehensive greens & superfood formula, & Vital Protein, a plant-based protein powder derived from golden peas.

What About New Zealand Fitness Supplement Brands: Enhancing Performance with Kiwi Innovation

New Zealand also gets a mention, ask any Aussie if NZ is a state or territory of Australia and the answer you may get is yes. Seriously though, is also home to several reputable supplement brands that cater to the fitness industry. Some of the most popular New Zealand supplement brands include:

  • Nuzest: Known for their clean & plant-based protein powders & nutritional supplements, Nuzest offers a range of high-quality products designed for optimal health & performance.
  • Horleys: With a long-standing reputation for producing top-notch sports nutrition products. Horleys offers a wide variety of supplements to support various fitness goals, such as muscle building, weight management, & endurance.
  • Balance Sports Nutrition: As one of the longest-running sports nutrition brands in New Zealand, Balance Sports Nutrition provides a comprehensive range of protein powders, pre-workouts, & recovery supplements for athletes & fitness enthusiasts. Balance is part of the Vitaco publically traded company.

The Final Scoop: Supporting Local Excellence in Sports Nutrition

Australia's supplement industry has come a long way, with numerous world-class brands that cater to the diverse needs of fitness enthusiasts, athletes, & health-conscious consumers. From iconic brands like Max's & BSc Body Science to innovative newcomers like Onest & Faction Labs, there is a wealth of options for those looking to support their health and fitness goals with top-quality products.

These homegrown brands not only focus on effectiveness & quality but also prioritise using locally sourced ingredients where possible, adhering to strict manufacturing standards. By supporting Australian supplement companies, you are investing in products that are designed with your exercise goals in mind, while also contributing to the growth & success of the local industry.

So, the next time you're in search of supplements, consider the incredible range of Australian brands featured in this article. With their commitment to excellence, innovative formulations, & deep understanding of the needs of fitness enthusiasts, you can trust that these brands will help you achieve your goals & embrace a healthier, stronger, & more vibrant lifestyle.

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