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Australian Supplement Brands

As Australians we are fortunate in many ways. Our country is well known for its sunny warm climate, friendly culture, and beautiful beaches. As a whole, the nation is well educated and health conscious, and we are key innovators in the world of science and technology. Consequently, Australia is home to many world class companies devoted to bodybuilding and sports nutrition.

These companies have a global reputation for producing premium quality products derived from superior local ingredients. Because of this, there is always good reason to buy Australian when you’re looking for supplements. In this article we will take a look at some of the more popular Australian brands and give you more reasons why you should support the local industry.

BSc Body Science

Body Science is probably Australia’s most well-known sports nutrition company. The reason for this is simple. They're advertising is everywhere! They proudly sponsor some of the biggest names in professional rugby league, rugby union, cricket, basketball, and AFL, as well as elite athletes such as Shane Watson, Andrew Bogut, James Magnussen, and Willie Mason to name a few. Providing these athletes with a comprehensive range of high quality nutritional supplements as well as cutting edge compression garments, it’s hard to not be familiar with the BSc logo. Although BSc has strong ties with elite athletes, they also support professional bodybuilders such as Mike Kingsnorth and Justin Wessels.

With such a commitment to professional athletes, BSc have a squeaky clean image, making reliable, safe, and effective products with a heavy emphasis on performance. This includes products such as Myocytin, BSc WPI, and NitroVol. Over the years, BSc have applied their sports nutrition knowledge and expanded into other fields such as bodybuilding as well as fat loss. In these categories, BSc brings you Triandrobol as well as the Hydroxyburn range (HydroxyBurn Hardcore Clinical, HydroxyBurn Pro Clinical, Hydroxyburn Zotrim).


Max’s is an iconic Australian bodybuilding brand that has been around since 1989. Founded by the legendary Australian bodybuilder Keith Ellis, Max’s are best known for their top quality protein powders, and of course, the hilariously muscular Max caricature. Over the years, Max’s has been a favourite among bodybuilders and powerlifters because of they are able to provide reliable and nutritious protein powders, which are considered to be among the best tasting in the market. Furthermore, on every Max's product, a dietary guide is included to teach you how to eat for mass. This is particularly handy for beginner trainers.

Although Max’s doesn’t have a range of supplement categories as large as international giants such as Optimum Nutrition and BSN, their range of protein powders is outstanding. Regardless of what you’re looking for in a protein powder, Max’s has you covered. They offer products such as the hugely popular Super Shred for weight loss, and SuperSize for weight gain. In addition, there is the Max’s WPI, Reload HGF hydrolysed whey, and much much more. Not only are Max’s famous for their protein powders, but they also supply Australian bodybuilders with a range of delicious protein bars (Muscle Meal Bar, HydroxyPharse+ Cut Carbs Bar), cookies (Muscle Meal Cookies), and even pancakes (Max’s High Protein Pancakes). Finally, Max’s also appeals to the ladies, with their range of Maxine’s products (Burn Thermogenic Protein and Burn Thermogenic Protein Bars).

Elemental Nutrition


Elemental Nutrition is a relatively small company compared to some of the Australian giants mentioned above. Despite this, they have no problems holding their own in a hugely competitive market. With a strong focus on bodybuilding and sports nutrition, Elemental Nutrition produces some of the best formulated supplements at some of the lowest prices.

Often it is hard to beat this company for value for money. Elemental Nutrition is known for making some of the most potent products, by jamming in more active ingredients than competitors. Some of their better-known products include the highly popular Shredding Matrix fat loss protein, the super-concentrated testosterone boosting Massive Muscle Fuel, and the growth hormone increasing HGH supplement. Additionally, Elemental also produces a full range of other supplements to support all phases of your training, as well as a range of single ingredient supplements.


Founded by famous Australian Bodybuilder Nick Jones, GenTec products all carry the endorsement and personal guarantee from one of Australia’s best bodybuilders. Much like Nick Jones, GenTec’s focus is on bodybuilding and endeavours to get you bigger. Available in the distinctive retro looking red packaging, the GenTec range is well rounded. Although technically retired from professional bodybuilding, Nick Jones is still a high profile athlete very much in the game. As such, he knows the ins and outs of the industry as well as the latest in nutritional research. This means that GenTec products carry a no-nonsense approach, and range from proven oldschool favourites to modern cutting edge science. If you’re a bodybuilder, you can find everything you need with products such as the Ultimate Thermogenic Fuelfat burner, the Ultimate Male Fuel testosterone booster, and the Pro Mass Weight Gainer.

International Protein

With a name like International Protein, one can be forgiven for not knowing that it is actually an Australian brand. Even more surprisingly, unlike other bodybuilding supplement brands, International Protein was founded by a female bodybuilder. Christine Envall had numerous high profile wins under her belt before deciding to build her own brand.

As the name suggests, International Protein are best known for their protein powders. Containing a range of different protein powders to support everything from weight gain (Extreme Mass) to a lean WPI, and everything in between, International Protein are definitely one of the serious contenders for manufactuering some of Australian's most popular bodybuilding protein powders.


Bronx Sports Nutrition is known for two things. Their range of workout accessories and straps as well as their Wild Bull range of sports supplements. Wild Bull supplements are among the best value for money products you can find. This is possibly because Bronx have taken a no bull approach to supplements. No fancy marketing, no gimmicks, no sparkly labels, and no fillers. What you get is just pure and good old fashioned ingredients.

There are very few premixed products in the Bronx range, so it’s a brand suited more so towards the more experienced and knowledgeable trainers who wish to mix their own supplements. Unlike other brands, Bronx actually do not make a protein powder. Instead, they focus more so on other ergogenic ingredients, such as Micronised Creatine, L-Carnitine, and Tribulus.

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