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Blessed Plant Protein Review: A High Quality Powder

Quick Summary Points

  • Blessed Protein is a plant-based protein powder created by Clear Vegan, EHPLab's sister brand
  • The primary protein source in Blessed Protein is golden yellow pea protein isolate, a high-quality & digestible protein
  • Blessed Protein contains no artificial additives, sweeteners or enzymes, making it a clean protein supplement
  • Each serving of Blessed Protein provides 25 grams of protein, offering an excellent source of essential amino acids for muscle recovery
  • Blessed Protein is particularly rich in Leucine, an amino acid essential for initiating muscle protein synthesis & facilitating muscle repair
  • With low GI & low carbohydrate content, Blessed Protein can also support weight loss by helping control appetite & increase feelings of fullness
  • The product comes in three flavours: Choc Coconut, Vanilla Chai, and Salted Caramel, with Salted Caramel judged by Mr Supplement staff as being the best taste
  • The versatility of Blessed Protein allows it to be consumed at any time of the day & be mixed with fruits or added to smoothies
  • The product is suitable for most individuals, including pregnant or lactating women & children over 12 years old
  • Blessed Protein is environmentally friendly & offers a great alternative to dairy-based protein powders
  • Given its high quality, all-natural composition, & multiple benefits, Blessed Protein presents an optimal choice for those seeking a plant-based protein supplement


Exploring the world of protein powders, we bring you a review of Blessed Protein. This plant-based protein powder from Clear Vegan offers high-quality nutrition from pea protein isolate. Whether you're pursuing muscle recovery, weight loss, or a protein-rich diet, Blessed Protein caters to these needs effectively. Discover the benefits & flavours of this versatile protein in our detailed review that follows.

Blessed Protein Highlights

  • 100% natural plant-based protein
  • Contains zero artificial additives, sweeteners or enzymes
  • No digestive stress
  • Certified Kosher & Halal
  • Dairy/Sugar/Nut/Gluten free
  • Vegan friendly

Blessed Protein Ingredients & Dosage

Blessed Protein is a simple formula made up of 100% natural ingredients. The main ingredient used in this protein is raw activated pea protein isolate. Each serve contains 25 grams of protein per serve. The blend also includes some natural flavours, sunflower oil creamer, inulin fibre, gum Arabic, rock salt sodium chloride), natural sweeteners (stevia extract, rebaudioside a) and psyllium seed powder.

Blessed Protein Benefits & Pros

Blessed Protein is a natural pea protein that is a simple yet effective formula. Blessed Protein utilises 100% pure golden yellow pea protein isolate which is great for digestion. This is perfect for those who experience heavy bloating or for those just wanting to find a natural plant protein for better absorption and digestion. With 25 grams of protein, each serving delivers an excellent source of essential amino acids to support muscle recovery.

What makes pure pea protein isolate so special?  Pea protein isolate is the highest quality pea protein source available. It is a dairy-free, naturally occurring vegan source of protein extracted during a fermentation and water filtration process. It is traditionally high in Leucine, the key amino acid responsible for initiating muscle protein synthesis and highly recommended for muscle repair. Additionally, Blessed Protein can also be used to support weight loss as it is low GI and low in carbohydrates helping your body to control appetite, curb cravings and increases satiety. 

Whether you are trying to increase your dietary requirements of protein or want to ensure your post-workout is optimal, Blessed Protein provides you with a complete source of clean protein to build lean muscle, & ensure digestibility and assimilation.

Blessed Protein Side Effects

Natural, low allergenic and pure, pea is a gentle protein that has very few side effects. The most frequently reported of these are common to all protein types and include bloating, diarrhoea and gas. This is a result of consuming large amounts of protein over a short amount of time and can usually be diminished by splitting the desired dose into smaller serves.

Best Flavour of Blessed Protein

Blessed Plant-Based Protein is available in three different flavours. These include Choc Coconut, Vanilla Chai and Salted Caramel. Clear Vegan have ticked the right boxes in the flavouring department. Each flavour has an all-natural delicious taste that is not overly sweet.

The most popular flavour amongst the three is Vanilla Chai where some consumers choose to blend it with almond milk and or fruits. On the other hand, the best flavour, that had the most votes, during our in-house Mr Supplement sampling of Blessed Protein was Salted Caramel. Of course, the taste is subjective & individuals do have unique preferences.

When Do I Take Blessed Protein?

Blessed Protein powder is a versatile protein that can be taken at any time during the day and can be mixed with fruits or added to smoothies.

How To Use Blessed Protein?

Blessed protein is extremely easy to use. Simply mix 1 scoop with approximately 240ml in a shaker bottle. This can be mixed with either water or almond milk depending on the individual.

Who Can Use Blessed Protein?

Blessed Protein Powder can be taken by most individuals including pregnant or lactating women.  It is also suitable for children who are over 12 years old, but we recommend starting off with half the adult dose (1 tablespoon).

Blessed Protein Powder: Common FAQs

  1. What is the main protein source in Blessed Protein? The primary protein source in Blessed Protein is golden yellow pea protein isolate.
  2. How much protein does each serving of Blessed Protein contain? Each serving of Blessed Protein contains 25 grams of protein.
  3. Are there any artificial additives or sweeteners in Blessed Protein? No, Blessed Protein is 100% natural and does not contain any artificial additives or sweeteners.
  4. Can Blessed Protein support weight loss? Yes, Blessed Protein is low GI and low in carbohydrates which can help control appetite, curb cravings, & increase satiety, thereby supporting weight loss.
  5. How does Blessed Protein support muscle recovery? Blessed Protein is rich in essential amino acids, particularly Leucine, which plays a key role in initiating muscle protein synthesis, hence aiding in muscle recovery.
  6. Are there any side effects of consuming Blessed Protein? Some individuals may experience bloating, diarrhea, or gas due to consuming large amounts of protein in a short period. This can usually be managed by dividing the protein intake into smaller servings throughout the day.
  7. Which is the best Blessed Protein flavour? Based on in-house sampling, the best-tasting flavour of Blessed Protein is Salted Caramel.
  8. Can pregnant or lactating women consume Blessed Protein? Yes, Blessed Protein can be consumed by pregnant or lactating women. However, it is always recommended to consult with a healthcare provider before starting any new supplement regimen.

Blessed Protein Verdict

For quality vegan protein, Blessed Protein delivers a complete protein source that contains the highest source of pea protein isolate to help with initiating muscle synthesis and muscle repair. Blessed Protein is one of the most environmentally sound proteins on the market that offers a range of alternatives to dairy-based protein powders.  

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