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What is Pyruvate?

Pyruvate is an organic acid involved in the energy production pathways in the body. It is produced from glucose, and can then be converted back in carbohydrates or into fatty acids for storage.

Where Does Pyruvate Come From?

Pyruvate is produced within the body from glucose. However it can also be found in some foods, including red apples, red wine, cheese and dark beer.

Pyruvate Health Benefits

Pyruvate is currently in the beginning stages of being researched as anti-cancer drug.

Pyruvate Benefits for Bodybuilding

Pyruvate is a relatively effective fat loss supplement, when combined with a slight calorie deficit in the diet. There are numerous studies demonstrating enhanced fat loss compared to the placebo. At higher doses, fat loss can be achieved even with a maintenance level of calories.

Pyruvate Side Effects, Safety and Negatives

Pyruvate is associated with several gastrointestinal side effects, particularly at higher doses. These can include bloating, flatulence and gurgling, and loose stools.

The dosages at which pyruvate is effective tend to be fairly high, meaning that a substantial amount of the supplement would have to be ingested each day to gain the full effects.

Pyruvate Recommended Doses and Ingredient Timing

The optimum dose for fat loss appears to be 20 – 50g of pyruvate daily. It should be noted that pyruvate has a caloric content of its own; and should replace an equivalent number of calories in the diet. The dosage above would replace 10 – 20% calorie intake from carbohydrates.

The lowest effective dose is roughly 6-12g, although studies are divided as to the amount of weight loss that can be achieved at this dose. However, it does limit the side effects.

Pyruvate Supplements

Unfortunately pyruvate can only be bought in 1000mg capsules, meaning you would have to swallow a fair number of capsules to gain the optimum dose.

Stacking Pyruvate

Pyruvate would be well stacked with other fat loss supplements such as EHP Labs Oxyshred or Bsc Hydroxyburn Pro Clinical.

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