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Muscletech Iso Zero Review

Muscletech are arguably one of the biggest supplement companies in the world and have had a fantastic 2013 with a string of new releases including the immensely popular Phase 8 as well as Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite and Amino Build. One of their first new releases for 2014 will be an internationally exclusive protein powder by the name of Iso Zero.

Muscletech Iso Zero Highlights

  • 100% Whey Protein Isolate
  • 0g of Fats and Sugars
  • 25g of Protein Per Serve with 4.6g of BCAAs
  • Added Glycine, Alanine and Taurine

Muscletech Iso Zero Ingredients & Dosage

As part of Muscletech’s Performance Series, Iso Zero will be a very simple 100% whey protein isolate with some added aminos. The full list of active ingredients include:

  • Ultra Filtered Whey Protein Isolate
  • L-Glutamine
  • Branched Chain Amino Acids (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine)
  • Glycine
  • L-Alanine
  • Taurine

The rest of the ingredients are flavouring agents and ingredients to assist with the mixability and texture of the protein, except for the two digestive enzymes papain and amylase. Each serving of the product will provide 25g of protein, 4.6g of BCAAs (branched chain amino acids) and 0g fat and sugar, although there is still around 1.5g of carbohydrates. Iso Zero comes in two sizes including the smaller 2lb (907g) and the larger 5lb (2.2kg) variants which contains 28 and 80 serves respectively.

Muscletech Iso Zero Pros & Effectiveness

Whey protein isolates were all the rage a couple of years back and still are quite popular. They are one of the fastest absorbing types of protein and are an excellent post-workout supplement, offering quick supply of muscle building amino acids. With little sugar and fat, WPIs such as Iso Zero offer a great way for people on weight and fat loss regimens to achieve adequate protein intake throughout the day without any unnecessary calories. The added glycine and alanine are helpful for both muscle protein synthesis and also for fuel replenishment respectively. The amino acid alanine is vital for the glucose-alanine cycle which transforms break down by products of exercise and muscle contraction back into energy. Taurine on the other hand is a commonly added amino acid in a range of different supplements due to its ability to assist with reducing fatigue.

Muscletech Iso Zero Cons

Muscletech’s Iso Zero, as with all other whey protein isolate’s are an extremely specialised form of protein supplement and should be utilised by those who know a little bit more about their supplementation and who are more diligent with their diets. Due to its fast absorbing nature, it often requires a follow up meal to sustain the amino acid flux to the muscles in order to maintain growth and recovery processes. It is also not an ideal protein supplement to use prior to bed.

Muscletech Iso Zero Taste & Mixability

Iso Zero will be initially available in three flavours; Chocolate Milkshake, Strawberry Cream and Vanilla Ice Cream. Whey protein isolates in generally aren’t as tasty as their blended protein and whey protein concentrate counterparts, however Muscletech has invested heavily into taste technology over the last couple of years and are well known for making some of the tastiest proteins such as Phase 8 and Nitro Tech. Iso Zero has a similar texture to Phase 8 even though it is a WPI, thanks to the addition of thickeners. The product mixes extremely well without any residue or grittiness, making it a easy to scull protein shake.

Muscletech Iso Zero Verdict

Muscletech’s Iso Zero isn’t exactly a revolutionary product and wouldn’t have been a stretch for Muscletech’s plentiful resources. Having said that though, it’s a completely adequate supplement ideal for more knowledgeable trainers who want a quick boost to their protein intake and should please a wide variety of Muscletech fans.

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