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MusclePharm Re-Con Review

MusclePharm have recently come out with a range of supplements that have already become hugely successful. This is no exception with their comprehensive recovery supplement, Re-Con. Containing a blend of ingredients to help with anything from muscle building, recovery, detoxication, and may even those help you de-stress, Re-Con is a promising addition to the supplement stack of serious athletes and bodybuilders.

What is MusclePharm Re-Con?

The name “Recon” is actually a little deceptive, because it sounds like it’ll be something you take pre workout. However, Re-Con is designed to provide pretty much everything that you need in regards to post workout nutrition, with the exception of protein. A post workout recovery formula is hugely important because of the anabolic window that is available post workout. Good nutrition at this time helps with bigger gains and faster recovery, and MusclePharm appear to have hit the nail on the head with Re-Con.

MusclePharm Re-Con First Impressions

First impressions of Re-Con are very positive. MusclePharm have conveniently broken down their comprehensive list of ingredients into categories, so you know exactly what everything is supposed to do. The product consists of seven individual and distinctive matrices. These include:

  • Carb Max, which contains glucose polymers, dextrose, and inulin. MusclePharm call this a “3 stage delivery system”, because the three carbohydrates used here digest at different rates. The dextrose will provide a rapid insulin spike, while glucose polymers (AKA maltodextrin) will provide intermediate glucose release, while inulin is a slow digesting soluble fibre.
  • The Anabolic Primer Matrix, which is an amino acid mix containing BCAAs in a 3:1:2 ratio, as well as all the essential amino acids. This mixture may help with speeding up muscle recovery as well as kick starting muscle building.
  • The Recovery Accelerator contains even more amino acids including the obligatory glutamine and pyroglutamic acid, as well as taurine, and arginine.
  • The Anti-Stress & Adaptogen Matrix is designed to reduce stress levels associated with intense training and the other hardships of life. This is comprised of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), dimethylglycine (DMG), phosphatidyl lecithin complex, cysteine, and Gynostemma pentaphyllum.
  • The Muscle Extend Matrix contains ingredients you would typically find in a pre workout supplement, including beta-alanine, citrulline, and ginger extract. Here, the purpose of these ingredients is to get you primed for your next training session.
  • The Reload Matrix has been formulated to increase insulin release and sensitivity. Insulin is highly anabolic and can drive muscle growth by shuttling nutrients into muscle cells. To achieve this, MusclePharm have included selenium yeast, vanadyl sulphate, chromium polynicotinate, fenugreek extract, and gymnema sylvestre.
  • The Muscle Detoxifier includes eight different botanicals high in antioxidants and other nutrients. These can help with scavenging free radicals generated during intense exercise and help with recovery.

Difference from the Competition

There are plenty of post workout supplements on the market, but there are few similar to Re-Con. Quite often with post workout supplements, an emphasis is put on simple sugars in combination with creatine. However, there is no creatine in Re-Con, and MusclePharm have instead decided to put more focus on the speed of recovery by including carbohydrates, amino acids, and antioxidants.

Of Particular Interest

Something of particular interest is the use of the Anti-Stress & Adaptogen Matrix. These types of ingredients are usually found in pre workout supplements as well as fat burners, because it is believed that these are stressful periods. However, including them in a post workout formulation is a positive step forward, considering that stress and cortisol levels will surely be elevated after gruelling workouts.

MusclePharm Re-Con Flavour & Mixability

Fans of MusclePharm will know that their products are generally well received in the flavour and mixability department. This is no exception with Re-Con. Currently available in three flavours, watermelon and orange mango are exceptionally well received among customers. The fine powder dissolves easily in a shaker leaving a cordial-like fruit beverage. As long as you don’t mix it together with your protein shake, Re-Con will go down easy.

MusclePharm Re-Con Negatives

Although there are a wide range of potentially beneficial ingredients in Re-Con, it is disappointing to see that MusclePharm have not disclosed the concentration of most of these ingredients in their nutritional panel. Knowing exactly what you’re getting would be great, especially for the more serious trainers, so they can keep closer tabs on their nutrient intake for the day. The exclusion of creatine from the mix is also a little perplexing. Re-Con contains all the necessary insulin drivers and sensitisers that would make the body a perfect environment for creatine absorption.

Who is MusclePharm Re-Con for?

The comprehensive post workout formula provided by MusclePharm Re-Con is perfect for bodybuilders looking to add size to their frame and athletes serious about performance and recovery. However, it is important to note that Re-Con does not provide adequate protein for post workout. Therefore, it should be used in addition to a protein powder instead of in place of. Combining these together with a creatine supplement would make a fantastic post workout stack that would give you everything you need.

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