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Gaspari Detonate XT Review

Gaspari Nutrition have stepped up their game in the last 2 years becoming an extremely competitive and formidable company in the face of strong competition from other big name companies such as Optimum Nutrition and MusclePharm. However, Gaspari have kept up the pace with release after release of innovative and well received products. Their latest reformulation effort has culminated in the newly released Detonate XT.

Gaspari Detonate XT Highlights

  • Reformulated Detonate - more powerful and stronger than ever
  • Blend of well researched and innovative ingredients to burn fat, raise metabolism, stabilise blood sugar levels and suppress appetite.
  • 7 Key Actives including Garcinia Cambogia, Caffeine, Citrus Aurantium and Velvet Bean Extract.

Gaspari Detonate XT Ingredients & Dosages

Gaspari Nutrition’s original Detonate has had a colourful past with issues such as the use of extra ingredients than what was shown on the label; perhaps an indication as to why it worked so well. Detonate XT on the other hand signals a new and improved focus on transparent labelling and untainted formulation. Regarding the ingredients, for the most part the formula will stay the same with some minor ingredient changes. Overall the new Detonate XT will contain a total of 7 active ingredients including:

  • Garcinia Cambogia (333mg)
  • Caffeine (150mg)
  • Detonate Blend (178mg) – Consisting of Velvet Bean Extract, Sceletium Tortuosum Extract, Yohimbe (in the American Version), Citrus Aurantium (bitter orange extract) and Piper Nigrum Extract (Black Pepper Extract.

Gaspari Nutrition Detonate XT will be available in pill form, but for the first time, will also be available in powder form which is a smart move by the company as it means it can easily access the large Australian and New Zealand market. The fat loss supplement will be available for Australia and NZ in a 149g tub size containing roughly 30 serves of 5g. Yohimbe will also most likely be exchanged for another stimulant such as Dendrobium Extract or B-Phenylethylamine HCL.

Gaspari Detonate XT Pros & Effectiveness

The original Gaspari Detonate has always been a popular product, however whether this is because of the sometimes tainted nature of the product or whether it actually did work is up for debate. Many of the ingredients used in both the original Detonate and the new Detonate XT does have research supporting their fat loss ability. Caffeine, Citrus Aurantium and the very topical Garcinia Cambogia are all well known for their ability to increase fat metabolism, increase thermogenesis and support improved body composition and body weight. Velvet Bean Extract, also known as Mucuna Pruriens is a good source of L-DOPA, a precursor to dopamine which is a powerful neurotransmitter which helps to regulate appetite amongst other functions. Velvet Bean Extract has also been shown to reduce spikes in blood glucose and insulin which will assist with the body’s fat burning abilities.

The fact that Detonate XT will be in a powder form is a definite positive. Not only can it more easily access the Australasian market as previously mentioned, but it makes individualised dosing so much easier.

Gaspari Detonate XT Cons

The inclusion of Sceletium Tortuosum Extract is interesting as there is very little research on its ability to assist with fat or weight loss. In fact, it’s more an ingredient to decrease anxiety, stress and tension whilst elevating moods. Which isn’t a bad thing to include in a fat burner as people tend to be lower in energy and more easily stressed during times of dieting and weight loss, which can impact on their ability to train and be compliant with their goals.

Gaspari Detonate XT Taste & Mixability

Gaspari Nutrition’s new Detonate XT has been confirmed to have two official flavours; Watermelon and Pineapple, however no doubt the product will be available in a similar large range of flavours as that of Gaspari Nutrition's most recent products including SuperPump 3.0 and AminoLast.

Detonate XT Release Date

We have it on good authority that the release date for Detonate XT in the U.S shall be end April 2014. For us guys in Australia, we may expect to see it around 4 weeks after this.

Gaspari Detonate XT Verdict

With such strong competition in the fat burner category, Gaspari have their work cut out for them with their latest reinvention of their popular fat loss supplement. But they’ve done well in the latter half of 2013 with a slew of excellent releases and one hopes that Detonate XT will continue that trend. Gaspari have made some excellent products in the past however and no doubt will try to outdo the current success of fat burner stalwarts such as EHPLabs OxyShred and Muscletech’s Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite. The supplement contains a short list of well researched ingredients which can assist with fat and weight loss one way or another. The ingredients seem relatively simple, but Gaspari has a habit of using ingredients which work synergistically together and the Detonate name has too strong a legacy for it not to work well.

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