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Elaine Alden - Ball Squat

Training with Elaine Alden - Exercise No. 5 - Ball Squats - The final exercise for the circuit is the ball squats, which work the front and back of the legs as well as the glutes. Taking a wider than shoulder width stance will help you hit the total leg. Maintain a slow tempo and go for a full range of motion. At the bottom of the movement, your knees and hips should create a 90 degree angle. It's important that the knees stay in line with the foot and don't play out or in, nor come out in front of the foot. Maintain great posture and pull your navel in to activate the core. For this exercise, we're looking at doing 15 reps. After this, you'll rest for 1 minute before doing the circuit 2 more times. Elain Alden - Team Muscletech Athlete & Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion

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