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Elaine Alden - Interview

Elaine Alden may have a body to die for, but she has something in common with almost every woman out there - a busy schedule. Between work, family and other committments, finding the time to visit the gym can seem like an impossible task. As a sponsored athlete, Elaine travels the world and needs her body to be in top condition all the time, so for her, being busy does not cut it as an excuse for neglecting her fitness. In this series of videos, Elaine introduces us to her fifteen minute workout, which is easy to do whenever you have a spare moment, be it at home or on the go. Throw in pilates a few times a week, combine that with some common sense food choices, and you have an easy to follow guide to body transformation that almost anyone can fit into their routine. Elaine Alden - Team MuscleTech Athlete

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