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The testosterone booster category has been relatively stable throughout 2016 with only a handful of new releases, few of which actually impacted the top 10. The category though is continuing its rising star status and a good test support supplement will be a must have for any serious trainer’s stack for 2017. Choosing a good test booster isn’t easy though, simply because there are so many ingredients and factors to consider. As such, we’ve put together our top 10 list of the best testosterone support supplements you should be getting this year.  

Top 10 Best Testosterone Boosters 2017

Elemental Nutrition Massive Muscle Fuel#1. Elemental Nutrition Massive Muscle Fuel

Elemental Nutrition has had some massive changes in 2016 with a complete rebranding of the entire series. Looking slicker than ever, Massive Muscle Fuel retains its crown as the best and most effective test booster around. The formula remains the same, providing the industry’s highest dose of protodioscin; the active compound of tribulus, along with potent anti-estrogen and anti-DHT ingredients. As such, Massive Muscle Fuel offers a comprehensive approach to optimise testosterone production and limit its conversion to other unwanted compounds. Elemental has also utilised natural nitric oxide boosters to enhance absorption, ensuring more of the ingredients reach where it needs to go quickly. Massive Muscle Fuel remains a powerful test booster and your first port of call if you’re keen to tackle this category.

#2. Max’s The GearMax’s The Gear

Max’s is one of Australia’s most well known brands and they’re best known for their high quality and delicious protein powders. 2016 brought some significant changes to their product line, including the release of several pill form supplements such as their testosterone support supplement – The Gear. Interesting name aside, The Gear actually provides a decent tried and true formula featuring ingredients such as tribulus, horny goat weed, mucuna pruriens, DIM, maca, and resveratrol just to name a few. As with most test boosters these days, it combines traditional test boosting ingredients along with anti-estrogen support to deliver more comprehensive effects. It’s a solid new supplement from Max’s and easily fits in our 2017 list.

BSc Triandrobol Test#3. BSc Triandrobol Test

BSc’s Triandrobol has had a few iterations since it was first released and has continually refined and improved its formula. Another capsule based test booster, Triandrobol Test provides a potent and high dose mix of tribulus, fenugreek, horny goat weed and D-aspartic acid. Body Science’s formula was designed specifically to help you maintain intensity through the toughest and longest of sessions. What this means is more energy to train and greater potential to grow. It is a shame that this version has removed some of the recovery support ingredients from the previous Testo Plus, but the increased dosing of the test boosting ingredients more than makes up for it.

#4. Beast Super TestBeast Super Test

Beast Sports Super Test has been on the market for some time now, but when you’ve got a winning formula, why change it? The supplement is still one of the strongest and most comprehensive test supporters around, providing ingredients to boost testosterone, control estrogen and DHT as well as support liver health and nitric oxide production. Together, these ingredients provide an incredibly well rounded approach to boosting free test levels so you get maximum benefit. The only serious downside to the supplement is its taste, but if you can stomach it, Super Test is a truly rewarding test booster.

Isatori Isa-Test DA3#5. Isatori Isa-Test DA3

Isatori’s Isa-Test DA3 hasn’t been on the market for awhile, but it’s easily become one of the best. Providing a research driven formula, Isa-Test provides a hefty dose of D-Aspartic Acid along with potent ingredients such as longjack/longifolia, horny goat weed and fenugreek. Isatori have really excelled in terms of their hormone support supplements thanks to the popularity and uniqueness of their growth hormone support supplement Bio-Gro. Isa-Test DA3 is no different and is an excellent way to get a boost to your training and results.

#6. Body War Alpha WarBody War Alpha War

Alpha War is another relatively new addition to the category only being released midway through 2016. However, it also provides an incredible complex of well researched ingredients such as D-Aspartic Acid, Horny Goat Weed, Fenugreek, Longifolia and Velvet Bean Extract. They’ve also included other ingredients to support liver health, improve absorption and limit testosterone conversion to estrogen. With a fully transparent formula, Alpha War doesn’t cut any corners and has moved up to a comfortable position in our top 10 list. 

PharmaFreak Test Freak  #7. PharmaFreak Test Freak   

Like Beast Super Test, Pharmafreak’s Test Freak has been on the market for quite some time but still retains both its original formula and its popularity. It’s a convenient capsule form test booster which provides a good mix of ingredients to optimise testosterone levels and limit its conversion to estrogen and DHT, allowing for more free testosterone overall. Test Freak’s formula utilises some of the highest doses around and has a deserved place in our top 10. 

#8. APS Testalensis 100APS Testalensis 100

Another relatively new supplement, Testalensis 100 advertises itself as a testosterone/growth hormone support supplement. However, the ingredients in the supplement are definitely more geared towards the test boosting side of things. Testalensis contains some common test support ingredients such as fenugreek, tribulus and longjack/longifolia, however also includes more unique ones such as 3,4-Divanilyltetrahydrofuran and bulbine. While the formula is good, the dosing does need some work, so we’d recommend having almost double the dose, especially if you’re a regular user of test boosters.

Body Ripped Androbolin  #9. Body Ripped Androbolin  

Like many Australian companies, Body Ripped has had a bit of a revamp in 2016, bringing in new products along with more modern looking packaging. Androbolin, the company’s signature test booster is one of the best when it comes to anti-estrogen components, making it a powerful post-cycle therapy option. In fact, it’s a good addition for trainers who find themselves experiencing negative side effects from the more typical test boosters on the market. It also stacks well with their HGH+ZMA product to provide an potent hormone support stack.  

#10. Gen-Tec Ultimate Male FuelGen-Tec Ultimate Male Fuel

Like Elemental Nutrition’s Massive Muscle Fuel, the Gen-Tec Ultimate Male Fuel is also a liquid form test booster. Its formula also shares some common ingredients such as tribulus, saw palmetto and a ZMA complex, but overall the supplement is slightly underdosed compared to Massive Muscle Fuel. Having said that, it’s still a formidable test booster in its own right, and one of the more concentrated tribulus supplements on the market. Ultimate Male Fuel has overcome some stiff competition to round out our 2017 list.  

Notable Testosterone Boosters of 2017

So many great products, such limited space! With the testosterone boosters category growing bigger by the year, a lot of worthy supplements did just miss out on making the top 10, but deserve a mention including:

If you’ve been having trouble making gains in the past, it might be time to revamp your supplement stack to include a good testosterone booster. Make it easy for yourself and choose one from our extensive, carefully considered list and make 2017 the best year yet for gains!!

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