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Wide Grip Barbell Bicep Curl
The barbell curl for the biceps is one of the most basic and fundamental exercises for the biceps. This video will demonstrate variety no. 1; the wide grip barbell bicep curl. Here, the elbows are back a bit more, but still close to the sides of the body keeping tension in the biceps at all time. Gravity will still be pulling on the bar at the top of the movement which will create constant tension. Ensure you maintain good posture with your chest and chin up and pull in your belly button in order to activate and brace your core. Also squeeze at the top of the movement and ensure that you lower the weight in a slow and controlled fashion. Don'ts - Do not swing your body and use momentum to get the weight up as this could potentially hurt your lower back and put stress on the hips, whilst taking tension away from the biceps. Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion & Joe Grima IFBB Bodybuilding Champion.
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