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Micellar Whey

What is Micellar Whey?

As its name suggests, micellar whey combines the benefits of both whey and micellar casein. More specifically, micellar whey is said to consist of whey protein particles that have undergone polymerisation to create larger-sized protein molecules that take significantly longer to digest

Benefits of Micellar Whey

The key benefit of micellar whey is that it combines the superior amino acid profile of whey protein (i.e. high leucine and BCAAs) with the slow-release anti-catabolic properties of micellar casein. In so doing it provides the best of both worlds. Sponsors of the ingredient suggest that the size of a typical whey molecule from micellar whey is double that of normal whey protein. At the time of writing there is no published scientific data on micellar whey; only that provided by sponsors of the ingredient. It will be interesting to see if credible data emerges to substantiate industry sponsors claims.

Side Effects of Micellar Whey

Being such a new ingredient at the time of writing, there is no formal safety data to go off, but with the vast majority of good safety data on whey protein it is reasonable to assume micellar whey will be safe to consume; even at high doses of three times a day.

Micellar Whey Recommended Dosages and Timing

With its unique structure design for extended release, micellar whey is best consumed at night before bed. This allows the protein to breakdown slowly overnight while sleeping, thus keeping muscle fuelled throughout the night.

Micellar Whey Supplements

At the time of writing, there are no micellar whey supplements available in Australia, with the US being the only country to sell a couple of products containing the ingredient. However, this should change in the near future.

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