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Fibre Boost Cold Pressed Protein Bar Review: The Smarter Bar?

Remember the era of cardboard-tasting protein bars that promised the moon but delivered dust? Yeah, us too. Then came Smart Diet Solutions with their aptly named Smart Bars. These were soft, easy to chew and dare I say, smooth. They amassed an absolute cult following of people that absolutely refused to have any other kind of bar and you could see (or taste) why.

Unfortunately in September of 2023, It looked as if a nightmare were about to ensue for the Smart Diet fan club as they scrambled to get their hungry hands on these delicacies. Stock was in short supply and there didn't seem to be an answer. 

Internal issues with the company led to the end of Smart Diet Solutions as we knew it - but not the end of the satiating snack we all crave. Under a new name and new branding, there was a gasp of relief across the health and fitness industry as a suspiciously similar bar emerged as Fibre Boost Cold Pressed Protein Bar. Rejoice!

So in celebration of the resurrection of the smartest protein bar to ever have been made let us dive into the newly named Fibre Boost Cold Pressed Protein Bar.

A Tastebud Tango: From Tropical Escapes to Salted Delights

Gone are the days of chalky, hard-to-swallow protein bars. Fibre Boost unleashes a vibrant chorus of flavours singing on your tongue. Dive into the creamy depths of Choc Malt, or get swept away by a Coconut Breeze. Craving a tangy tango? Raspberry Frogs deliver a playful punch, while Sour Watermelon offers a juicy, lip-smacking fiesta.

For adventurous souls, Banana Lollies awaken sweet childhood memories, while Salted Licorice promises a uniquely intriguing twist. Marshmallow whisks you away on a cloud of fluffy goodness, and Creme Brulee satisfies your inner gourmand. With 21 flavour options (and counting), Fibre Boost caters to every mood and palate, from sunrise to sunset.

As of writing this article, the flavours currently available for Fibre Boost Cold Pressed Bars are Red Velvet. Salted Licorice,, Sour Watermelon, Pineapple, Lemon Cheesecake, Passionfruit, Mango Jaffa, Honey Nougat, Coconut White,  Almond, Coconut, Choc Malt, Choc Chip, Cappuccino, Biscuit, Raspberry Frogs, Banana Lollies, Salted Caramel, Marshmallow, Creme Brulee and Strawberry Cheesecake.

Fueling Your Day with Protein & Fibre

Beyond its seductive flavours, Fibre Boost delivers a robust nutritional boost. Each bar boasts 21g of premium whey protein isolate, nurturing muscle growth and recovery. However, the true luminary is the impressive 25g of prebiotic fibre. This dietary powerhouse not only fortifies your gut health but also keeps you satiated for extended periods and promotes digestive regularity.

Commitment to Purity: Cold-Pressed Goodness, No Compromises

Setting itself apart, Fibre Boost places a premium on clean ingredients and transparency. Say farewell to hidden sugars and synthetic flavours. Employing a meticulous cold-pressing process, each bar preserves the inherent goodness of its ingredients, resulting in a treat that's as wholesome as it is flavorful.

Filling the Void Left by Smart Diet Solutions: A Natural Evolution

It quickly became known through both industry professionals and Smart Bar lovers that Fibre Boost Cold Pressed Bars were not the replacement but the resurrection of the seemingly irreplaceable protein bar. However the company didn't just use this as a roadblock to overcome with re-branding. They used it as an opportunity to evolve and improve. 

The Fibre Boost Cold Pressed Protein bar comes in more flavours than the Smart Bar could have ever imagined. Is there such a thing as too many flavours? Fibre Boost is willing to take the punt to find out just that. 

There have also been reviews of slight tweaks in the texture department making the bar even softer and less chewy than before. 

The Verdict: A Delicious Yet Truly Guilt-Free Snack

If you seek a protein bar that refuses to compromise on flavour, nutrition, or ingredient integrity, Fibre Boost stands as your unrivalled choice. With its diverse flavours, potent protein and fibre content, and unwavering commitment to naturalness its easy to see why this act was hard to follow. Its hard to imagine how the landscape of protein bars would look if the former Smart Bar wasn't able to re-brand and hold its deserving place on the top of the mountain. 

Bonus Snack Hacks

  • Heat up in the microwave for 10-20 seconds
  • Break up into your yoghurt 
  • Enjoy Cappuccino flavour with your morning coffee
  • Blends well in a smoothie
  • Break up in your oats for added protein & flavour
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