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Best Flavour of Xtend

Scivation Xtend is one of the top selling intra workout supplements on the market. With its basic yet effective ingredients, it is easy to see why Xtend is the go-to supplement if you need nutrients to fuel your workout process.

Scivation manufacture a more than healthy list of flavours,= with more than 10 flavours here in Australia. If you are at all curious as to which flavour is the best, then this article is for you. We are counting down the top five best flavours of Xtend.

5. Italian Blood Orange

Although not popular with the Yanks, this flavour is a hit here in Australia. Tasting like a flat Fanta, Scivation have done well to make a flavour that goes down easy. The Orange is a safe and familiar flavour for those who wish to not venture too far from your comfort zone. If you’re a first-time buyer, this could be a good one to start with.

4. Glacial Grape

Not too far after Orange Dream comes Grape. When you try Grape, it becomes very apparent that Scivation is an American company. If you have ever tried grape soda before, you would instantly be familiar with Grape flavoured Xtend. Luckily for us Aussies, most of us seem to agree with the Americans on this one and feel that this is actually pretty tasty, even if it was designed for the American pallet.

3. Smashed Apple

The first surprising thing about Smashed Apple is that it is much sweeter than you would expect. Yes, it certainly does taste like green apple, with the very distinctive apple-juice-like tang. But don’t expect the flavour to be subtle or bland. More like candy apple, this would be one for those with a sweet tooth.

2. Watermelon Explosion

Very much close to the top of the list is Watermelon Explosion. This is a fantastic flavour for those who know what they want. Often, some people feel that watermelon flavour is nice, but gets a bit much if you had to drink it day in day out. However, Scivation has done very well with this one, and we do believe the watermelon lolly flavoured Watermelon Madness is worth at least one purchase.

1. Lemon Lime

On the top of the list is Lemon Lime. As you can tell from the name, this is the least sweet flavour on the list. Definitely, the tangiest, the lemon lime flavour is the most popular flavour in Australia, and sees a strong following of repeat purchasers. Perhaps the reason for its popularity is that it tastes a little like good old pub squash. Definitely give this one a go.





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