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Anadrol (Oxymetholone)

What is Anadrol?

Anadrol (or Oxymetholone) is an anabolic steroid, or more technically an androgenic steroid, which means that it mimics the natural male hormones such as testosterone.

Testosterone in normal amounts is essential to a health; it controls many reproductive systems in both men and women, as well as promoting muscle and bone mass. It is for this reason that Anadrol is prescribed as a treatment for several ailments, including osteoporosis, anemia, and muscle wasting due to diseases such as HIV.

However, when steroids are abused they come with many serious side effects and can be potentially life threatening. Use or possession of any anabolic steroids in Australia is illegal without a prescription, for good reason.

Why Use Anadrol?

Like all anabolic steroids, Anadrol stimulates muscle growth and regeneration due to its androgenic, or ‘male’, nature. It also provides a synthetic ‘pump’ to the muscles, increasing blood flow and water retention in muscle cells.

It is one of the only steroids that has an effect by increasing the production of red blood cells. This allows the muscles to absorb more oxygen and be able to work harder and longer, increasing power and strength, without feeling the effects of fatigue.

Anadrol Side Effects

With the above list of aesthetic benefits comes a much greater expansion of health problems. Being a particularly potent steroid, issues related to Anadrol usage can be more severe than other steroids:

  • Liver - Due to its structure it is highly toxic to the liver, and causes cysts, tumours and complete liver failure.
  • Heart – oedema, or retention of water, can occur around the heart and cause congestive heart failure, and increased cholesterol levels are common.
  • Gastrointestinal – vomiting, diarrhoea and nausea are all regular side effects.
  • Skin – acne is often associated with Anadrol use, particularly in females and young males.
  • Bone – the shut down of growth plates can stunt the growth of young users.
  • Kidney – retention of nutrients means that the body’s electrolyte balance is upset.
  • Blood – clotting ability is reduced, glucose tolerance is lowered, and leukemia has been associated with use.
  • Genitals – Male users can expect a decrease in testicle size, fertility and ejaculate volume, as well as urinary tract blockage caused by an enlargement of the prostate. Occasionally prolonged erections will occur. Women will experience menstrual abnormalities/cessation and a non-reversible enlargement of the clitoris.
  • Psychology – Changes in emotional state often occur, including excitement or depression, insomnia, aggression and lowering or raising of the libido.
  • Physicality – Women can become increasingly masculine, by growing facial and body hair, experiencing a deepening of the voice, and a reduction in fat tissue in the thigh, breast and hip areas. Men can have an increased growth in breast tissue and hair loss on the head.

Anadrol Alternatives

Although Anadrol has legitimate medical applications and reasons for use, unsupervised usage comes with serious side effects. If you are looking for that little bit of an extra boost, there are many safer, healthier ways to increase your muscle mass without resorting to dangerous steroid use.

Natural testosterone support supplements work with your body to increase testosterone levels within normal limits. You can see these in detail in our two part article - "Testosterone Support Supplements (Part 1)" and "Testosterone Support Supplements (Part 2)". They are generally made from food or herbal products such as Tribulus terrestrisD-aspartic acid, and Long Jack (Longifolia) are safe and effective products.

Natural testosterone support supplements work with your body to increase testosterone levels within normal limits. You can see these in detail in our two part article - “testosterone support supplements”. They are generally made from food or herbal products, and are safe and effective products.
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