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Quick 2-aminoisoheptane Summary Points

  • 2-aminoisoheptane is a stimulant that is said to boost energy levels and appetite suppression.
  • It is said to be derived from a plant species known as Aconitum Kusnezoffii, however, it’s most likely synthetically made.
  • It shares a similar structure to the nasal decongestant drug tuaminoheptane, which is banned for use in sport.
  • Few supplements contain this novel stimulant
  • Mr Supplement does NOT inventory or supply supplements containing this ingredient. 

What is 2-aminoisoheptane?

2-aminoisoheptane is a stimulant that has begun to appear in a range of pre workout supplements manufatured in countries outside of Australia, it is said to be a suitable replacement to AMP Citrate as well as the banned stimulant DMAA.

Where does 2-aminoisoheptane come from?

According to one of the supplement company’s who pioneered its use, 2-aminoisoheptane is produced from a natural plant extract derived from Aconitum Kusnezoffii. Most plants of the Aconitum species are highly toxic, and their poisons are often used for hunting. However, there is little research suggesting that 2-aminoisoheptane naturally exists in this species of plant. As such, we believe that most instances where this ingredient occurs utilises a synthetic version of the compound.

2-aminoisoheptane Benefits

Little to no research has been done on 2-aminoisoheptane. Its overall structure is similar to the nasal decongestant drug tuaminoheptane. This drug is a vasoconstrictor as well as a stimulant compound which impacts the central nervous system. Tuaminoheptane is actually banned by anti-doping authorities around the world. Due to the similar structure, we believe that 2-aminoisoheptane shares similar functions as tuaminoheptane and helps to support energy levels, focus and also act as a strong appetite suppressant.

2-aminoisoheptane Benefits for Bodybuilding

The stimulant ingredient 2-aminoisoheptane is used in pre workout supplements along with fat burners thanks to its proposed dual effect of boosting energy and suppressing appetite, however in Australia it is almost unavailable from supplement retailers. According to GoldStar Performance Products (one of the first company’s to use this ingredient), 2-aminoisoheptane doesn’t result in a crash. In fact, the stimulant response simply tapers off after a period of time without leaving you feeling tired or spent. Depending on your goals, 2-aminoisoheptane can help you train harder with more motivation, but also help you stick to your diet and not cave in to your cravings.

2-aminoisoheptane Side Effects, Safety & Negatives

Due to the complete lack of research on the actual compound, there haven’t been any details released regarding its safety or side effects. However, due to its similarity to tuaminoheptane, we can confer similar side effects might occur with increased dosages of 2-aminoisoheptane. These include effects such as increased heart rate, increased blood pressure and shortness of breath. As with any stimulant, it’s best to start off with a reduced dose (half or even a quarter dose) to access your tolerance and sensitivity to the ingredient. Due to its similarity to the banned sporting substance tuaminoheptane, it’s best to avoid supplements containing 2-aminoisoheptane if you’re in competition or are drug tested frequently.

2-aminoisoheptane Recommended Dose & Ingredient Timing

No official dosing recommendations exist for this new and novel ingredient, and it’s hard to tell just how much company’s are using as it’s often in a proprietary blend. However, it’s safe to say that a good figure to work with is anywhere between 100-300mg. 2-aminoisoheptane can be used before your workout, but also throughout the day. As it is a stimulant, it’s best to avoid using it close to bedtime as it might disrupt your sleep.

2-aminoisoheptane Supplements

2-aminoisoheptane isn’t found in a wide variety of supplements, but as authorities crack down on AMP Citrate and other strong stimulant ingredients. This ingredient may appear in a variety of pre workout supplements along with fat burners manufactured in overseas countries. No Australian manufacturers at the time of writing use this ingredient in their products.

Stacking 2-aminoisoheptane

2-aminoisoheptane and supplements that contain this ingredient can be stacked with a variety of other products, namely protein powders, BCAAs, creatine and intra workouts. As with any stimulant, it’s best to avoid using it with other stimulant containing supplements in the long term as tolerance can often develop quickly and you don’t want to overstimulate your body.

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