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Inspired Whey

Inspired Premium Whey Protein

  • 100% Whey Protein Powder
  • WPI/WPC Blend
  • 25g of Protein Per Serve
  • Fantastic Flavours
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Inspired Whey is a premium whey protein powder designed for every day use. A simple formula it provides 25g of protein per serve & is suitable for men & women alike.

Inspired Whey Ingredients

Inspired Whey uses a whey protein blend that consists of whey protein isolate & whey protein concentrate, providing 75.8% of quality protein. It's enhanced with a little salt, sweetner & thickners to give a fantastic texture.

How & When to Take Inspired Whey

A versatile and complete whey protein powder, Inspired Whey may be taken any time of the day or evening up to 4 times. It may be used as a meal replacement powder &/or ideally 30 minutes post workout. It is comes in a 33g serving size & is easliy consumed by mixing it with a protein shaker bottle with water or your favourite type of milk.

Inspired Whey Best Flavours

Delicious and tasty is how Inspired Whey is best described. As with all Inspired supplements the taste is perhaps the best feature of this powder. Available in Chocolate, Caramel Fudge or Vanilla, Inspired Nutraceuticals offer only the best tasting flavours.


Inspired Whey Review

Inspired have made a name or themselves in the Australian market. Re-packaged and re-branded. Inspired have a comprehensive range of supplements including this premium whey blended protein. On review it is certainly an every-day every-one whey protein that may be taken to satisfy hunger cravings, post workout to fuel thirsty muscles or multiple times daily to increase your protein count. At the price it represents great value for money & is sure to impress the toughest protein critic. Go on give Inspired Nutraceuticals Whey a go.

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Inspired Whey
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Inspired Whey is a well-liked protein powder with a particularly enjoyable chocolate flavor. Users appreciate that it mixes well.
Tasty chocolate flavor.
Mixes well.
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Inspired Whey
2.2kg / 69 Serves Chocolate
Good tasting whey protein powder. Chocolate flavour is very good & mixes well. Thanks for the fast delivery Mr Supplement.
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