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Inspired Pumped AF
Pumped AF

Stim-Free Pump Formula

  • Take Any Time of The Day or Night
  • Zero Caffeine - Zero Stimulants
  • Increase Blood Flow to the Working Muscle
  • Support Massive Pumps
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After making multiple different pre-workouts to cater to different kinds of trainees including DVST8 Global (a clean, lower-stimulant pre-workout suited for everyone) as well as DVST8 BBD (the ultra high-stim and pump formula only for experienced users) Inspired have now joined the stimulant-free pump market. 

A pump formula is a stimulant-free option for those looking to train later in the evenings or those that may be sensitive to caffeine. Although taking out any kind of stimulant ingredients, pump formulas focus more on body fuel-specific ingredients to help reduce or prolong the effects of muscle fatigue, help maintain effective muscle hydration as well as increase blood flow to the working muscle. Apart from that pumped-up feeling we thrive for, increaing blood flow also brings more oxygen and nutrients to the muscle for better performance.

Key Features

  • Stimulant-Free Advantage: Designed for individuals seeking a pre-workout option without the influence of caffeine or stimulants, making it suitable for evening workouts or those with sensitivity to stimulants.
  • Muscle Endurance Support: Pumped AF is tailored to combat muscle fatigue, extending the duration and intensity of training sessions for improved results.
  • Optimal Hydration Maintenance: The formula includes ingredients that assist in maintaining effective muscle hydration, a crucial factor in sustaining performance during workouts.
  • Enhanced Blood Circulation: Pumped AF promotes increased blood flow to working muscles, ensuring efficient nutrient and oxygen delivery, leading to enhanced overall performance.

Potential Benefits

  • Training Flexibility: Being stimulant-free, Pumped AF offers flexibility in choosing training times, catering to individuals with varying schedules.
  • Reduced Muscle Fatigue: The formula's emphasis on body fuel-specific ingredients aids in reducing the effects of muscle fatigue, allowing for more productive and satisfying workouts.
  • Effective Muscle Hydration: Proper muscle hydration is essential for maintaining strength and performance, and Pumped AF provides vital support in this aspect.
  • Performance Amplification: Improved blood flow not only creates a satisfying pumped sensation but also guarantees that muscles receive the necessary nutrients and oxygen for peak performance, leading to enhanced workout outcomes.
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Inspired Pumped AF
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  • What is the artificial sweetener used in Pumped AF?

    We have physically viewed the label. It is simply listed as "Artificial Sweetener". If one was to speculate, it would more than likely be sucralose which is the most common form of artificial sweetener used in pre workout supplements.

  • Who is Pumped AF suitable for?

    Pumped AF is ideal for individuals seeking a stimulant-free pre-workout option, making it suitable for those with sensitivity to caffeine or those looking to train later in the day or evening.

  • How does Pumped AF combat muscle fatigue?

    Pumped AF incorporates specific ingredients to address muscle fatigue, allowing for extended training sessions and improved overall performance.

  • Why is muscle hydration important during workouts?

    Effective muscle hydration is crucial for maintaining strength and performance. Pumped AF includes ingredients to support optimal muscle hydration during exercise.

  • What can I expect from increased blood circulation?

    Improved blood flow not only creates a satisfying pumped sensation but also ensures that muscles receive the necessary nutrients and oxygen for peak performance, leading to enhanced workout outcomes.

  • Can I combine Pumped AF with other supplements?

    Yes, Pumped AF can be safely combined with other supplements, but it's recommended to consult with a healthcare professional or fitness expert for personalized advice.

  • Is Pumped AF suitable for individuals with caffeine sensitivity?

    Yes, Pumped AF is stimulant-free, making it an excellent choice for individuals with caffeine sensitivity or those looking for a pre-workout option without stimulants.

  • How should I incorporate Pumped AF into my workout routine?

    It's recommended to follow the suggested usage guidelines provided on the product label. Start with the recommended serving size and adjust based on personal preferences and tolerance.

Inspired Pumped AF
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