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Inspired DVST8 BBD

Big Black DVST8, High Stimulant Pre

  • DVST8's Strongest Formula
  • 10'200mg Truth Matrix
  • 2000+mg Per4M Matrix
  • 7 Awesome Flavours
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What does BBD stand for? BIG BLACK DVST8...Get your mind out of the gutter! What's in BBD? Read the GD label. We made BBD to have fun. To shake up the pre-workout category. Inspired are enthusiasts & love what they do. BBD is proof. We fuel what inspires you.

Inspired DVST8 BBD Flavours

DVST8 BBD offers a range of mouth-watering flavours including;

  • Northern Lights - Raspberry Slushie
  • Concord Grape - Grape Soda
  • Laguna Sunrise - Orange Mango
  • Candy Clouds - Cotton Candy
  • Black Nebula - Apple Blackcurrant
  • Mamba Juice - Creaming Soda
  • Electric Blue - Blue Raspberry
  • Green Envy - Lime
  • Vanilla Cola
  • Pink Pineapple - Strawberry Pineapple
  • Mallow - Marshmallow
  • Beach Bum - Passionfruit
  • California Gold - Mango

What's the best DVST8 BBD Flavour? You Decide...

Inspired DVST8 BBD Ingredients

Inspired BBD has really taken their ingredient profile to the next level as follows; "The Truth Matrix" contains L-Citrulline 6000mg, Beta-Alanine 3200mg, L-Taurine 1000mg & is designed to support healthy vasodilation, mental focus and strength in the gym. This is accompanied by their "Per4m M 500mg Matrix" which contains N-Acetyl Tyrosine 750mg, Choline Bitartrate 500mg, Caffeine Anhydrous 375mg, English Walnut 250mg, Teacrine® aka Theacrine 200mg, 50% Citrus Aurantium aka Bitter Orange Synephrine 30mg & Sceletium Tortuosum 25mg & is designed as the name suggests support workout performance. Tied into this is the Inspired "Uptake Matrix" with 30mg of Astragin, a patented, natural compound that may assist absorption of many important nutrients contained in the BBD formula, whilst possibly aiding a healthy gut environment. Finally, you shall also find a little vitamin B6 & B12 added. 

For even more information on Inspired DVST8 BBD ingredients be sure to refer to the nutritional panel on this product page.

Inspired DVST8 BBD Caffeine & Stimulants

Yes, BBD does have a high level of caffeine and stimulants, in fact, in Australia it would be one of the higher stimulant pre-workout formulas available. With 375mg of Caffeine plus English Walnut, Teacrine® and other stimulants it shall be sure to get the job done right. As such, we'd recommend Inspired DVST8 BBD more for experienced stimulant users. We'd also recommend if you want a good night's sleep not to use a full dose after 4 pm in the afternoon.

Inspired DVST8 BBD Benefits & Results

For the normal user taking a full dose, a sharp increase in energy and focus may be experienced beginning 15 minutes after taking BBD. This feeling generally continues to escalate for the next 60-90 minutes before coming off and returning you progressively back to baseline. Beta-Alanine tingling would also almost be expected as the formula contains 3.2g per serve. The benefits & results really can be compared with the best pre-workout supplements on the Australian market.

Inspired DVST8 BBD Side Effects

For healthy individuals when taken as directed one would expect no negative side effects. DVST8 BBD always should be taken as directed. For new users or those sensitive to stimulants, we recommend reducing their initial doses.

Inspired DVST8 BBD Review

Overall our review of BBD would be without question 5 stars. It has all the components of an excellent pre-workout including great pump ingredients & high amount of stimulants, which in fairness could be too strong for some users, however, if this is the case reducing the dose is an excellent option. With a cool looking label and nice presentation Inspired DVST8 BBD is sure to impress. For further Mr Supplement customer reviews be sure to check these out by clicking the reviews tab on this page.

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  • Who can benefit from using Inspired DVST8 BBD?

    DVST8 BBD is designed for individuals seeking an elevated pre-workout experience, especially those who are experienced with stimulants.

  • How should I manage my caffeine intake with DVST8 BBD?

    Due to the high caffeine and stimulant content, it's recommended not to use a full dose after 4 pm to ensure a good night's sleep.

  • What is the suggested dosage for DVST8 BBD?

    It is essential to take DVST8 BBD as directed on the label. For new users or those sensitive to stimulants, starting with a lower dose is advisable.

Inspired DVST8 BBD
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Summary Of Reviews
Inspired DVST8 BBD is a pre-workout supplement with a great flavor, particularly the vanilla cola variant. However, it may cause some discomfort during high-intensity workouts and its value for money is debatable.
Excellent flavor, especially vanilla cola
Provides an energy boost
Contains beneficial ingredients including B vitamins
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Marco R
Inspired DVST8 BBD
370g / 25 Serves Concord Grape - Grape Soda
Sometimes I feel like throwing up if I’m doing hiit while I take this
Collected via Trustpilot
Craig N
Inspired DVST8 BBD
370g / 25 Serves Mallow - Marshmallow
Awesome flavour, the new favourite.
Collected via Trustpilot
Joseph G
Inspired DVST8 BBD
370g / 25 Serves Pink Pineapple - Strawberry Pineapple
Was alright wouldn’t say it’s worth the price tho better products out there for less
Mark D
Inspired DVST8 BBD
370g / 25 Serves Green Envy - Lime
Great product 👌
Collected via Trustpilot
Simon F
Inspired DVST8 BBD
370g / 25 Serves Vanilla Cola
A very good P/W.

I had built up a tolerance to my previous P/W and was looking for something new with a bit more kick. This defiantly does the job. It's got a good amount of all the right ingredients with B vitamins for some extra energy. Vanilla cola flavor actually tastes like vanilla cola, nice. Will be buying again.
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