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Quick Summary Points

  • GHRP6 is a synthetic peptide hormone developed to stimulate GH release, which is decreased as we age.
  • Growth hormone is important for increasing lean muscle mass, decreasing fat mass and supporting exercise performance and recovery
  • GHRP6 is not approved for sale or use in Australia - you cannot buy it legally from retail stores
  • To support your GH levels, it's best to invest in a good natural GH support supplement

What is GHRP6?

Growth hormone releasing hexapeptide or GHRP6 belongs to a group of compounds known as secretagogues. It is a synthetic peptide hormone that was developed to stimulate the release of growth hormone. Growth hormone is an anabolic hormone responsible for growth and the production of another anabolic hormone known as insulin like growth factor 1 (IGF1). Both animal and human studies have shown the effectiveness of GHRP6 on the release of growth hormone. It therefore has medical applications for those suffering from abnormally low levels of growth hormone.

Why use GHRP6?

GHRP6 binds to receptors within the hypothalamus and the pituitary, which stimulates the release of growth hormone (Bowers, 1998). Human studies showed that GHRP6 was even more effective at stimulating hGH release compared to the growth hormone releasing hormone (Cordido et al, 1993). This boost of growth hormone is attractive to both bodybuilders and athletes as it has been long believed that increases in hGH may increase lean body mass and even prevent injuries.

GHRP6 Side Effects

It is true that GHRP6 may have clinical applications in the treatment of those suffering from naturally low levels of hGH production, especially in children (Bowers et al, 1992). However, when abused, the side effects of GHRP6 can be quite ironic. It has been shown that unnaturally high levels of hGH can actually be detrimental to athletic performance and significantly reduce endurance performance (Rennie, 2003).

GHRP6 Legal Status

GHRP6 is classified as a pharmaceutical. However, unlike legitimate products it has not undergone the strict testing and regulations that are required of pharmaceutical goods. Simply put, there is no solid evidence that GHRP6 is either effective or safe. As such, they are not approvde for sale or use in Australia, nor are they available through legal channels.

Legal & Safe GHRP6 Alternatives

There are many safe and legal alternatives to GHRP6 and related compounds. These include natural growth hormone supplements which are comprised of safe non-hormonal amino acids that when combined may increase the natural production of hGH. For more information about natural hGH supplements, please read our article on “Natural Growth Hormone Supplements Guide”.

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