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Elemental HGH

Australia’s #1 GH Powder

  • 100+ 5 Star Customer Reviews
  • Best Seller Since 2010, Powerful Formula
  • Premium Ingredients, Manufactured in a Codex Alimentarius Approved Facility
  • Choose from 6 Great Tasting Easy to Drink Flavours
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Elemental Nutrition HGH amino formulation is Australia’s best-selling supplement of its kind. Why so popular? Put simply because it works. Once tried, EN customers almost always are delighted with the results. Making it more than a regular supplement in their arsenal. Nothing more needs to be said. It's that good.


Elemental HGH Ingredients

Elemental Nutrition HGH uses a specific array of natural ingredients including Lysine, L-Arginine Pyroglutamate & Niacin (B3). It is a one-of-a-kind formula developed by Elemental Nutrition's highly experienced formulators.

Elemental HGH Flavours

Elemental HGH flavours have been enhanced and developed since 2005 with slight adjustments being continually made to make the texture & taste as palatable as possible. It's for this reason that Elemental Nutrition HGH is one of the most enjoyable supplements to drink. All the flavours are really delicious.

The Elemental Guarantee

Whilst Elemental Nutrition products are manufactured at stringent quality-controlled facilities and are the best of their kind. Elemental also understand that it's not possible to please all people all the time. Thus should you be unsatisfied with any Elemental Nutrition product you can return it to your place of purchase within 30 days for a FULL REFUND. No questions asked. Proudly Australian Owned - Elemental Nutrition

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Elemental HGH
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  • Can Elemental HGH be taken with Elemental Nutrition EPO?

    Yes, these two supplements may successfully be taken on the same days. We recommend taking them 8 hours (or more) apart.

  • Does EN HGH make you taller?

    No, Elemental Nutrition HGH will NOT make you taller.

  • Can you add Creatine in with Elemental HGH at night time?

    We recommend taking your creatine at a separate time of the day. Elemental HGH is best taken on it's own, last thing before retiring.

  • Can you take Elemental Shred and Elemental HGH the same day?

    Yes you can. We recommend taking Shred up until 4pm. Then take EN HGH immediately prior to sleep.

  • What is Elemental Nutrition HGH?

    Elemental HGH is a natural GH Releaser designed to optimize growth hormone levels in the normal human range.

  • What are the benefits of taking Elemental Nutrition HGH?

    There are many reported benefits from our customers the most common being fast recovery from hard workouts & supporting healthy sleep patterns. We encourage you to refer the reviews tab on this product page for more information.

  • When should I take Elemental Nutrition HGH?

    It is ideally consumed prior to sleep in the evening. It should be the last thing taken prior to rest.

  • What should I not do when taking Elemental HGH?

    We recommend not consuming anything within 60 minutes of consuming this supplement. In particular we recommend avoiding protein sources for at least 120 minutes prior or after taking HGH. This is recommended as HGH is a specific formula and the impact of other "competing amino acids" may neutralise the effects of this supplement.

  • Are there studies supporting the effectiveness of Elemental Nutrition HGH?

    There have been numerous studies around the ingredients used in Elemental HGH. In particular one study by Italian Researcher A Isidori: "A study of growth hormone release in man after oral administration of amino acids" may be of interest.

  • Can Elemental HGH be taken with testosterone boosters?

    Yes. Not only can it be stacked safely with natural testosterone boosters, they together with regular physical activity may provide numerous fitness related benefits.

  • Is Elemental Nutrition HGH safe?

    Elemental Nutrition HGH has been retailed in Australia since 2008. In that time there have been no major side effects reported & virtually none of a minor type. The ingredients in this formula by themselves would be classified was low risk, as such we can confidently say users when following the directions should experience no negative side effects.

  • Is EN HGH OK for women to use?

    Yes. Elemental HGH is ideal for both women and men. With no negative side effects expected it's suitable for both sexes.

  • What is the best tasting flavour?

    Whilst we think all the flavours taste fantastic. The lemon splice flavour is the #1 seller.

  • What should I stack HGH with for best results?

    We recommend stacking Elemental HGH with Elemental Massive Muscle Fuel (this is available to purchase as a bundle). These two supplements work in synergy with each other and may provide accelerated results. Further to this we recommend taking it with a higher protein diet. A protein powder like Elemental Nutrition Xtreme Whey may be ideal to also add.

  • Is Elemental HGH a pro-hormone or steroid?

    Elemental Nutrition HGH is a combination of natural ingredients. It is not a pro-hormone or steroid?

  • Can I use this with Turkestone?

    Yes, Elemental Nutrition HGH combined with Turkesterone is an excellent stack.

  • I currently use a sleep supplement. Should Elemental HGH be taken simultaneously or an hour apart? Would it be beneficial to switch to a ZMA?

    EN HGH should be taken "at least" one hour and preferably two hours after any other protein or amino acids. We also recommend taking your ZMA one hour prior to HGH.

  • Can you use Underground Labs Roidz with Elemental HGH?

    Yes. EN HGH combined with Underground Labs Roidz makes and excellent test boosting, HGH boosting stack.

  • Can I have Elemental HGH with Elemental DAA (at the same time)?

    They must be taken at seperate times. Importantly & for it to be most effective, EN HGH must be taken on it's own.

  • Can you have EN HGH with an ON Gold Standard Pre, Serious Mass, EN Creatine & Vitamins?

    EN HGH may be taken with other supplements including protein powders, creatine and those described in this question. Importantly though for effectiveness consume Elemental HGH prior to sleep without other foods or supplements.

  • What exactly is EN HGH?

    Elemental Nutrition HGH is a tried and true supplement, it is the best best natural growth hormone support supplement on the Australian market. Its simple, clinically based formula contains all the key ingredients you need to optimise natural levels of GH, without loading you with sedatives like some other products. This means, you can use it for longer without developing a tolerance or experiencing side effects often associated with sleep support ingredients. Providing great value for money, if you’re serious about healthy growth hormone levels, then Elemental Nutrition HGH would be a great choice.

  • For best results how often should I take it? For example 30 serves 1 per night for 30 days then 2 weeks off, then 30 again?

    Best way to take it is as described i.e nightly prior to sleep (without other foods) for 30 straight days. You can take continually for up to 90 straight days. Then recommend taking 2 weeks off, then repeat.

  • I was wondering if you could stack Elemental HGH with Roidz Test Booster?

    Yes EN HGH & Underground Roidz may be stacked together successfully. In our opinion these would make an excellent synergistic stack.

  • Can I take HGH and Elemental Sleep together at night?

    Yes & actually we believe this is an excellent stack. EN Sleep & HGH may be taken on the same night. We'd recommend taking Sleep approximately 90 minutes prior to HGH (not the same time). Taking HGH 5 minutes prior to bed.

  • When should I take Elemental HGH? Before bed, after exercise or in the morning?

    EN HGH should be taken in the evening prior to sleep. It's best taken in isolation (without other foods or drink). In particular EN HGH should be taken 2 hours or more after protein, as amino's in protein may compete with this very specific amino GH formula.

  • Can you take HGH with an adrenal supplement?

    EN HGH may be successfully taken with a quality adrenal supplement such as Switch Nutrition Adrenal Switch. We highly recommend taking them though at least six hours apart with HGH in the evening to ensure maximum benefits.

  • Is this supplement classed as a drug and will it show up on a drug test?

    Elemental HGH Formulation is not classed as a drug. There are no illicit ingredients & we would not expect any issues if tested under ASADA or WADA regulations. Final responsibility is always though, that of the athlete to check with their respective governing body.

  • Is Elemental HGH OK for women?

    Yes EN HGH formulation is suitable for men and women. We have had many customers over the years use this supplement with positive, side-effect free results. We are pleased to recommend EN HGH for female use.

  • Can EN HGH be stacked with with Gen-Tec Ultimate Male Fuel?

    Yes. Both can be taken in the evening. We'd recommend taking a minimum of 60 minutes apart with HGH consumed last.

  • Can I take EN HGH with Oxysleep before bed?

    Yes, you can take both in the evening. We'd recommend taking at least 60 minutes apart with HGH last.

  • Is this product ok to stack with D-aspartic acid, creatine and post work out supps?

    Yes you can stack it with D-Aspartic Acid. Depending on what post supplements you take, as long as you don't have any same ingredients that clash with your current post supplements you should be right to take together.

  • Is it okay to take at 18?

    Yes you can use at the age of 18 and it may be beneficial. We generally would advise that best results may be expected after the age of 30 with the natural decline of HGH production.

  • Can I expect negative side effects from EN HGH as a 20yr old?

    We do not believe one should experience any negative effects. EN HGH would though be more beneficial if you took it after the age 30. At the age of 20 due to one's already healthy HGH production the benefits may be limited.

  • What are the benefits of Elemental HGH without working out?

    Elemental HGH is designed to help support healthy HGH production (in the normal range). Some benefits of this whether working out or not may include restful sleep and recovery, optimal mental function, the support of lean muscle mass and more.

  • Can you use Oxysleep and EN HGH without wrecking its potency?

    Yes you can use it without wrecking its potency. Be sure to take at least 60 minutes apart with HGH consumed last.

  • Can I use EN HGH with EN Massive Muscle Fuel test booster? If so what would beer the best times to take?

    Yes they are excellent to stack together. With Elemental Massive Muscle Fuel it's recommended to be taken 10mL, 30 minutes before food or exercise and Elemental HGH right before bedtime.

  • Will Elemental HGH increase my strength & muscle size?

    Elemental HGH may help to increase strength and muscle size when combined with resistance training and a functional diet. It works by boosting natural HGH levels (within the normal range).

  • Can HGH be used in combination with Elemental Reclaim amino acid formula?

    Yes. Elemental HGH can be used in combination with Elemental Reclaim. Together they make an excellent combination. It's best you use Elemental HGH before bed time and Reclaim during the day.

  • Can I take HGH with a WPI powder?

    Elemental HGH can be taken with a quality WPI powder. They should work very well. Just be sure to take at different times of the day i.e HGH before bed and WPI not within 2 hours of this.

  • Can I take EN HGH and a sleep formula as well without any negative effects?

    It should be fine for you take the two products. We'd recommend to take your sleep formula at least 60 minutes prior to EN HGH. We'd also recommend beginning on 50% dosage of both as an initial trial.

  • Is Elemental HGH to be taken before training, also can you stack it with Elemental Massive Muscle Fuel plus a Pre Workout?

    It is recommended to take the HGH before bed time. You also may stack it with Elemental Massive Muscle Fuel and a quality Pre Workout Supplement.

  • I have an Elemental Nutrition Shredding Matrix shake in the morning and then after work. Would Elemental HGH Powder be suitable to have some hours after dinner right before bed?

    Yes. This combination of supplements combined with your nutritional timing looks good and would be suitable.

  • How many EN HGH servings in 150 grams & 450 gram sizes?

    There are 30 serves in the 150g container and 90 serves in the 450g container.

  • I take ZMA prior to bed. Can I combine it with EN HGH?

    Taking ZMA and EN HGH should be safe and effective. We'd recommend taking the ZMA a minimum 60 minutes prior to HGH for best results.

  • Can I stack HGH with BSc Triandrobol and what cycle would be best?

    Yes, this combination would be safe and effective. We would recommend following both manufacturers directions for a continual period of up to 90 days. Then have a 2-4 week break before repeating.

  • Is EN HGH useful in Powerlifting?

    Elemental HGH may support recovery plus provide other benefits in hard training athletes, as such it may be beneficial for power lifting.

  • I understand HGH in oral form is not absorbed, as it is destroyed by stomach acid before getting to the gut (hence injection route). Why would this HGH powder be different ?

    What you describe is true for synthetic growth hormone. Elemental Nutrition HGH is not a synthetic growth hormone. It is a powdered amino acid type booster designed to naturally increase your body's production of growth hormone (within the normal range). This provides a safer and legal alternative to injectables.

  • Should I take Elemental HGH formula on rest day, or only on days that I've worked out?

    For best results, Elemental HGH should be taken everyday, including rest days.

  • I'm just about to enter an international natural competition. I must be drug free. Would Elemental HGH show up in a drug test or make me positive to anabolic steroids?

    No, there are no anabolic steroids of illegal substances in Elemental Nutrition HGH. We do though recommend you refer your sporting bodies testing criteria around supplements prior to taking any supplement.

  • Can I take Elemental HGH if I am a 20 year old?

    Yes EN HGH is suitable for 20 year olds or young healthly men & women. Elemental HGH though is most effective for those who are older. This is because as you age, your hGH levels decline, and supplementing may in some cases help to restore levels. As such those over the age of 30 may receive the most benefits.

  • If Elemental HGH helps you sleep, could I develop a dependency on it?

    Elemental HGH does not contain any sedative ingredients. It's active ingredients are actually specific amino acids at a specific dose. The benefit of improved sleep is actually a positive side effect from the product, and not its primary function. You will therefore not develop a reliance on the product.

  • Can I take Elemental HGH in the morning? When I drink this at night with 600ml of water I wake up having to go to the bathroom.

    We definitely recommend taking it at night, as this is the time you are likely to release the most natural hGH. One way around the toilet issue is to mix it with far less water. Say around 100 mL. The flavour will be stronger, but the benefits will still be there.

  • If I use HGH at night and a protein shake, plus BCAAs during the day for workouts. Will these effect the HGH absorption at night before bed?

    It is recommended to take HGH on an empty stomach, as other substances will inhibit its effectiveness. As such we recommend taking your night protein powder at minimum 2 hours prior to the HGH powder. The BCAA's during the day of fine.

  • Would this be illegal if you do sports like Basketball or Volleyball?

    Elemental HGH does not contain ingredients that are banned according to most if not all sports federations. However, to be sure, you should always check with your regulatory body.

  • I heard HGH is not effective if taken orally (ie.HGH can only be injected, so that it can bypass the stomach). Is that true?

    This is true for the hGH hormone, which is illegal for use without prescription. Elemental Nutrition HGH on the other hand is a natural and legal amino acid type hGH booster, designed to increase your body's production of hGH (within the normal range). This form works best when taken orally.

  • Would this product provide much benefit to a 23 yr old man?

    Generally HGH is more effective and beneficial for those who are over the age of 30.

  • What age group is this product suitable for?

    It is suitable for all healthy adults. Elemental HGH though may be most effective for those who are older. This is because as you age, your hGH levels decline, and supplementing may help to restore levels. As such those over the age of 30 age may benefit the most.

  • Is there any banded ingredients as I get drug tested for work?

    No, there are no banned or illegal substances in Elemental Nutrition HGH. We still recommend though reviewing the testing requirements of your specific workplace.prior to consuming (we are unaware what they are testing for).

  • If I have to take this at night on an empty stomach before bed isn't this going to put my body into a catabolic state? I take ZMA and protein before bed to keep my body as anabolic as possible?

    Unfortunately, Elemental HGH is not compatible with taking a night time protein, as the two substances compete. As such we recommend taking your pm protein & ZMA a minimum of two hours prior to Elemental HGH.

  • Will there be any problems if I use Demented Pre-workout & HGH together?

    Stacking a pre workout with Elemental HGH should not be a problem and should work well (recommend not taking the pre too late if evening training). HGH is designed for use on an empty stomach before bed.

  • Are there any side effects from Elemental Nutrition HGH causing hair loss? With goal to increase muscle mass and growth, does HGH or a testosterone booster seem more suitable for me (I'm a 37 years old male)?

    Elemental HGH is not a testosterone booster and would therefore not have any effects on DHT (form of testosterone linked to hair loss). There are no real negative reported side effects with this product. At your age, either a testosterone booster or HGH booster may be of benefit. Quite often, many like to combine the two together for best results.

  • Would be ok to use Elemental Nutrition Anabolic Mass and HGH on the same day? What type of effects can they have?

    Anabolic Mass and HGH make a nice stack as they target separate mechanism of actions. Together they may support testosterone and human growth hormone (within the normal human range). They may when combined with regular workouts and a tailored diet support lean mass, reduce body fat, increase strength, support recovery and contribute to overall well-being.

  • Can I stack this with creatine safely?

    Yes, creatine can be safely stacked with Elemental HGH. However, given that HGH should be taken on an empty stomach, they should not be used at the same time of the day.

  • How long after my Casein shake before bed should I take this?

    We suggest that if you wish to experience the full benefits of Elemental HGH, take your Casein a minimum of two hours prior.

  • Is this Elemental Nutrition HGH ok to take with a soft drink instead of water?

    It is recommended that Elemental HGH be taken on an empty stomach, as any food (or soft drink) would interfere with it's effectiveness. We recommend mixing it only with water.

  • I want to be sure about what I'm putting into my body. You hear horror stories about damaged kidneys or shrunken genitalia. Are there any side effects from taking HGH?

    The side effects you are describing are typical of anabolic steroid abuse. Elemental HGH is not a steroid and is completely legal and safe when used by healthy individuals and when consumed at recommended doses.

  • Does EN HGH contain gluten?

    Although Elemental HGH does not use any wheat or gluten containing ingredients, the company does not make a gluten-free claim. EN HGH is produced in a facility that also handles gluten containing ingredients.

  • Will Elemental HGH build muscle?

    Elemental Nutrition HGH is designed to support lean muscle, fat loss, improved recovery and sleep when combined with a healthy diet, resistance training and exercise.

  • Would I need to cycle Elemental HGH? If so, how long could I continue using before I need to take a break?

    It would be best to cycle Elemental HGH. We would recommend taking it for a maximum of 90 days before taking a 2 week break. You may then repeat again.

  • I work in the mines and wasnt sure iElemental Nutrition HGH is illegal? Or that will show up on random drugs & alchol test?

    We do not sell any illegal or controlled substances. Elemental HGH is a completely legal supplement consisting of amino acids that naturally occur in food. These will not show up on any drug or alcohol test.

  • Is Elemental HGH ingredients on the banned substance list for WADA?

    At the time of writing there are no ingredients in Elemental HGH that are banned by WADA.

  • Can women take this product without developing too much testosterone i.e growing facial hair?

    Elemental Nutrition HGH shall not cause negative side effects related to an increase in testosterone. It shall not increase growth in facial hair.

Elemental HGH
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Summary Of Reviews
Elemental HGH is a highly praised supplement that has been credited for improving sleep quality, aiding muscle growth and recovery, and enhancing focus. Many users have reported seeing results rapidly, with some noticing changes within the first week. Despite this, a few users have raised concerns about the texture and taste of the product.
Improves sleep quality
Aids muscle growth and recovery
Enhances focus
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Mortaza K
Elemental HGH
450g / 90 Serves Grape Bubblegum
Tasted great.
Collected via Trustpilot
Matt T
Elemental HGH
150g / 30 Serves Lemon Splice
Excellent product. Have had this supplement (for the first time) now for three weeks. I am sleeping demonstrably better, and a lot more focused as well as better recovered in the gym each day. While it is not my intent to get bigger, I have gained another 1-2kgs of lean muscle mass. If you train hard daily and want better natural improvements then this product is for you.
Collected via Trustpilot
Elemental HGH
150g / 30 Serves Lemon Splice
First night sleep..the best I’ve had in decades…excellent product..can’t wait to hit the gym this morning. Everything is improved with a better quality nights sleep. I didn’t expect to notice results so rapidly. Was reluctant to try it but this is gooood!
Elemental HGH
150g / 30 Serves Lemon Splice
Very good product
Does what it says -
Sleep better
Had some good growth
Collected via Trustpilot
Elemental HGH
450g / 90 Serves Watermelon Splash
Great Product, Can feel results after first workout
Nick E
Elemental HGH
450g / 90 Serves Red Frog Razz
I get better & faster recovery & seemingly more restful sleep.
Collected via Trustpilot
Richard L
Elemental HGH
150g / 30 Serves Orange Mandarin
Because I trust the product that Mr Supplement sells.
Collected via Trustpilot
Paul A
Elemental HGH
150g / 30 Serves Red Frog Razz
taking this just before bed (as per directions) really seems to help with maximising gains and reducing soreness,, nice flavours to
Collected via Trustpilot
Gawain K
Elemental HGH
150g / 30 Serves Red Frog Razz
Have used this product prior . At moment though Few health issues so using this as a extra aid in nutritional support and muscle support and sleep which is must sought after
Collected via Trustpilot
Bodie A
Elemental HGH
150g / 30 Serves Grape Bubblegum
Awesome tastes great and really works well
Collected via Trustpilot
Harley M
Elemental HGH
150g / 30 Serves Watermelon Splash
Felt refreshed the following morning. 😌
Collected via Trustpilot
Elemental HGH
450g / 90 Serves Ice Blue Razz
great product, assists with sleep.
Collected via Trustpilot
James G
Elemental HGH
150g / 30 Serves Lemon Splice
No noticeable improvement on sleep quality and recovery unfortunately
Collected via Trustpilot
Elemental HGH
150g / 30 Serves Orange Mandarin
Dissolves easily, nice flavour, however I prefer the lemon lime better
Collected via Trustpilot
Chris S
Elemental HGH
150g / 30 Serves Lemon Splice
Great product and service but no shaker, callipers, tape and mag were included in the packaging
Collected via Trustpilot
Elemental HGH
150g / 30 Serves Lemon Splice
Nice flavour, dissolves easily, good results.
Collected via Trustpilot
Elemental HGH
150g / 30 Serves Lemon Splice
Taste great, mixes well and improving my sleep quality (tad pricey though)
Collected via Trustpilot
Debbie K
Elemental HGH
450g / 90 Serves Lemon Splice
Great taste
Collected via Trustpilot
Alistair P
Elemental HGH
Dissolves easily, love the lemon flavour, helps sleep and recovery. Good product, will definitely purchase more.
Elemental HGH
150g / 30 Serves Lemon Splice
Good quality HGH, nice flavours, dissolves easily, good results
Collected via Trustpilot
Paul A
Elemental HGH
150g / 30 Serves Orange Mandarin
Great stuff , good night time slow release GH booster , helps with strength and recovery and has some nice flavours
Collected via Trustpilot
Paul E
Elemental HGH
150g / 30 Serves Strawberry Kiwi
Noticed results in strength in 7 days
Collected via Trustpilot
Shaun M
Elemental HGH
150g / 30 Serves Strawberry Kiwi
I've used this product since 2015, and rate it very highly. Excellent for sleep, especially when combined with melatonin. Just hit 40, but most people reckon I'm still early 30's. Always a great taste as well.
Paul A
Elemental HGH
150g / 30 Serves Orange Mandarin
great results with this , great for recovery and increase in strength
Collected via Trustpilot
Elemental HGH
150g / 30 Serves Strawberry Kiwi
Works as described
Collected via Trustpilot
Paul A
Elemental HGH
150g / 30 Serves Orange Mandarin
this product really helps with recovery and also helps maintain massive gains
Collected via Trustpilot
Peter T
Elemental HGH
150g / 30 Serves Red Frog Razz
They were right within 2 weeks you will feel and notice the difference
Collected via Trustpilot
Donovan R
Elemental HGH
150g / 30 Serves Red Frog Razz
Thanks for the product. Love it. Cheers
Collected via Trustpilot
Blessing K
Elemental HGH
150g / 30 Serves Orange Mandarin
Sleeping so much better and wake up pumped and ready to train. Amazing flavours
Collected via Trustpilot
Bryan W
Elemental HGH
450g / 90 Serves Lemon Splice
Good tasting product. Started my second canister. I find it really helps with recovery.
Collected via Trustpilot
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