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Zombie Labs Pumpz
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Non-Stimulant Pump Pre Workout 

  • Everything Needed for a Massive Pump including
  • 7,000mg of L-Citrulline Malate per 20g Serve
  • 4200mg of Beta-Alanine
  • Electrolytes from Potassium & Sodium
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Skin Splitting Zombie Pumps & Performance - Pumpz is Zombie's stimulant-free super-pump formula. Containing ingredients specific for both insane pumps and performance - this is truly a super-natural formula. 

Hyper Focus Nootropic Blend - Despite not containing any stimulants Zombie Pumpz still has an effective nootropic blend for Zombie-like one-mission-in-mind focus for your workout goals. 

Zombie Labs Pumpz Flavours

With the best flavour combinations, Zombie Labs Pumpz is available in Raspberry Ripper, Posessed Passion Mango & Undead Unflavoured. So whether you want delicious flavours or a natural unflavoured version the choice is yours.

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Zombie Labs Pumpz
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  • When should I take Pumpz?

    Zombie Labs Pumpz should be taken 15 minutes pre-workout. It also may be consumed intra-workout.

  • Can Zombie Labs Pumpz be taken in the evening as a pre-workout?

    Yes it can. Pumpz is ideal to take in the evening however it does contain vitamin B & nootropic ingredients. As such we would not recommend taking it within 3 hours of sleep.

  • Does Pumpz pre-workout contain caffeine?

    Yes and No. There is zero added caffeine in Zombie Labs Pumpz unlike most pre-workouts. It does however contain 25mg of coffee berry extract which shall have a very small amount of caffeine in it. For most people the amount is so small they would not notice any effect.

  • Who is Pumpz suitable for?

    Zombie Labs Pumpz is suitable for healthy men and women, 15 years of age or older.

  • What is Zombie Labs Pumpz?

    Pumpz is a stimulant free pump pre-workout formula.

Zombie Labs Pumpz
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Zombie Labs Pumpz is a product that effectively gets the blood pumping hard, according to user reviews.
: Effectively gets the blood pumping hard.
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Liam T
Zombie Labs Pumpz
400g / 40 Serves Undead Unflavoured
Gets the blood pumpin hard
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