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Prana On Intra Strength
Intra Strength
Powered By: Prana ON

Natural BCAA Fuel with Electrolytes & More

  • Organic Plant-Based Amino Formula
  • Powerful blend of BCAAs & Superfoods
  • Improve Muscle Tissue Repair & Growth 
  • Support Muscle Endurance 
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Intra Strength is a comprehensive blend of 9 plant based amino acids designed to take your workouts to the next level. With added electrolytes, vitamins, minerals and superfoods, this powerhouse formulation works to support hydration, endurance, recovery and muscle repair.

If your struggling to make the most of your workout session, try fuelling yourself with PranaOn Intra Strength!

PranaOn has formulated the ultimate amino acid formula to support muscle endurance and energy during workouts. Intra Strength is a powerful blend of Branched Chain Amino Acids and Superfoods designed to fuel your body with Nitrates, Electrolytes, Vitamins, Minerals & Antioxidants.

Featuring an effective dose of Fermented Branched Chain Amino acids in a 2:1:1 ratio, these three key aminos help play a direct role in muscle tissue repair and growth. Intra Strength also features Electrolytes from Coconut Water powder to promote rehydration, Vitamin C to combat the effects of oxidative stress (i.e. exercise) and Nitrates from Beetroot Powder to increase blood flow. To further support the immune system we have included L-Glutamine and Vitamins B6 and B12.

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Prana On Intra Strength
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  • What is Intra Strength, and how does it enhance workouts?

    Intra Strength is a comprehensive blend of nine plant-based amino acids designed to elevate workouts to the next level. With added electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, and superfoods, this powerhouse formulation supports hydration, endurance, recovery, and muscle repair during exercise sessions.

  • How can Intra Strength help individuals struggling to maximize their workout sessions?

    If you're struggling to make the most of your workout sessions, fuelling yourself with PranaOn Intra Strength can make a significant difference. This ultimate amino acid formula supports muscle endurance and energy, helping you push through tough workouts and achieve better results.

  • How do the Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) in Intra Strength support muscle repair and growth?

    Intra Strength contains an effective dose of fermented BCAAs in a 2:1:1 ratio, comprising three key amino acids: leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These amino acids play a direct role in muscle tissue repair and growth, promoting faster recovery and improved muscle endurance.

  • What role do electrolytes play in Intra Strength?

    Intra Strength includes electrolytes sourced from coconut water powder to promote rehydration during workouts. Electrolytes help maintain fluid balance, muscle function, and nerve transmission, crucial for sustaining energy levels and preventing dehydration.

  • How does Intra Strength combat oxidative stress during exercise?

    Intra Strength contains vitamin C, which helps combat the effects of oxidative stress induced by exercise. By neutralizing free radicals, vitamin C supports immune function and reduces muscle fatigue and soreness post-workout.

  • What are the benefits of Nitrates from Beetroot Powder in Intra Strength?

    Nitrates from beetroot powder increase blood flow, delivering more oxygen and nutrients to working muscles during exercise. This can enhance endurance, performance, and recovery, allowing you to push harder and recover faster.

  • How does Intra Strength support the immune system?

    Intra Strength includes L-Glutamine, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12 to support the immune system. These nutrients help maintain immune function and overall health, reducing the risk of illness and supporting optimal performance during workouts.

  • Can this product be mixed with Prana's Acetyl L-Carnitine?

    Yes, that would actually be a very great way to stack this product!

  • When is the best time to take Prana Intra Strength?

    The best time to take this product would be during workouts to allow for its most effective use.

  • What's Intra Strength help with?

    Prana ON Intra Strength can assist with hydration, endurance, recovery and muscle repair.

Prana On Intra Strength
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Prana On Intra Strength is a product that may not work for everyone, but is generally considered effective, especially when compared to similar products like Pure Boost. The taste might take some getting used to, but it's a great natural product for use during intense workouts.
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Natural product
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Dan L
Prana On Intra Strength
300g Pineapple Splice
Its does not work for me,

Intra strength compared to

Pure Boost is much better
Collected via Trustpilot
Logan W
Prana On Intra Strength
Took a while to get used to the taste but is a great natural product I use now during heavy sessions
Collected via Trustpilot
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