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Musashi Bulk Review

Quick Musashi Bulk Summary Points

  • Well balanced mass gainer/weight gainer protein
  • Good dose of protein, complex and simple carbs
  • Fortified with vitamins & minerals
  • Great value mass gainer which tastes fantastic

Musashi Bulk Review

Originally, Australian owned, Musashi is now one of the biggest and most trusted sports nutrition brands in Australia. Being bought out by food conglomerate Nestle meant that they had the opportunity to expand and do great things with the brand, including bringing out an excellent all-round weight gainer protein powder, Musashi Bulk.

Musashi Bulk - What is it?

Musashi Bulk is a simple, yet well-balanced all-round weight gainer protein which slots in at the lower end of the calorie density range. This product is designed for weight gain, muscle building, and to be used to fill the high caloric needs of active individuals.

At First Glance

Musashi Bulk contains almost equal parts carbs to protein. The protein component is primarily made up of whey protein concentrate (WPC), with low levels of whey protein isolate (WPI). The carb component is equally split between complex maltodextrin and simple dextrose. On top of this, Bulk is also fortified with a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals to make it one of the more nutritionally balanced protein powders.

Difference from the Competition

Compared to the other weight gainers out there, Musashi Bulk is relatively simple. It does not contain seven different sources of protein, four different carb sources, or added creatine. This isn’t necessarily a weakness, because sometimes things can get too complicated with the dozens of ingredients included in a single product. Bulk is also one of the few weight gainers that contain a 1:1 carb to protein ratio. Many modern weight gainers contain very high levels of carbs, which is great for hard gainers, but it’s not desirable for those who put on fat easily. So a 1:1 ratio is a very welcomed change.

Of Particular Interest

The added vitamins and minerals are a nice touch, because bodybuilders and athletes have an increased demand for such nutrients. This also makes Bulk a fairly nutritionally balanced meal replacement for those wishing to use it for weight loss purposes.

Bulk does not contain any slow proteins. This means that the majority of the protein contained, are medium to fast absorbing. Combining this with a carb component, half of which is simple sugars, makes Bulk an excellent post workout recovery drink. Each serve provides provides 26.7 g protein for muscle repair and growth, as well as 11.8 g of sugar for glycogen replacement. That’s not bad at all!

Flavour & Mixability

Right on the tub, Musashi has claimed “incredible taste”. It’s always expected for manufacturers to say their product tastes good, but in this writer’s opinion, Musashi has sold themselves short. Bulk does not taste “incredible” it tastes ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Out of the many protein powders on the market, Musashi Bulk is definitely one of the top contenders of the “Best Taste” award, if there was to be one. Chocolate milkshake is by far the most popular flavour in the range of three flavours.

As many other products these days, the protein in Bulk is instantised, so mixability is excellent. Personally, I like to put less than the recommended 300 mL water in with each serve (200 to 250 mL). Even this mixes well, and it gives the shake a thicker texture and richer flavour.


One thing that is lacking is a higher proportion of WPI, which would probably make it less appealing for the hardcore trainers. This would make Bulk a force to be reckoned with when it comes to post workout shakes. However, this of course would also make the product much more expensive, and Bulk would lose some of its current appeal. Musashi also make "Bulk Advanced". However, despite its name, it is actually a blended protein, and not a weight gainer.

The high content of WPCs also makes Bulk unsuitable for those with lactose intolerance. It would be recommended for those individuals to find an alternative product.

Who is it for?

Musashi Bulk is a good value for money all-round protein powder. Even though it’s marketed as a weight gain protein, its formulation makes it suitable for use during the day, after training, and even as a meal replacement. For post workout recovery, it is a great product for beginners as it contains pretty much everything you need, and it takes the guess work out of supplements. However, more experienced trainers may want to find something with a slightly more advanced formulation. For use as a weight gainer, the relatively low carb ratio of this formula may mean that ectomorphs may struggle with putting on weight if they use this product. However, it is perfect for endomorphs or those who do not find it hard to put on weight. All in all, if you’re a beginner and are not lactose intolerant, Musashi Bulk is an excellent supplement to start with, regardless of your goals.

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