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EHP Labs OxyGlow
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Natural Marine Collagen

  • Collagen Enhancing Vitamins A & C
  • Improve Skin Elasticity and Reduce the Appearance of Fine Lines
  • Maintain Healthy Hair
  • Promote Nail Growth and Strength
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OxyGlow is a natural marine collagen powdered supplement with essential collagen-boosting vitamins designed to promote youthful skin, healthy hair and strong nails.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and the building block of skin, hair, nails and joints. However, from our mid-twenties, collagen production starts to decline by 1.5-2.0% each year. This decline in collagen leads to fine lines and wrinkles, brittle hair and weak nails.

OxyGlow contains marine collagen and essential collagen-enhancing vitamins which work synergistically to enhance beauty from the inside out, creating smooth, firm, and plump skin. This beauty powder taken daily stimulates natural collagen production to increase skin hydration, firmness and smoothness, improve overall skin complexion as well as strengthen hair and nails.

OxyGlow is over 97% protein, and is free of carbs and fat to help enrich protein in the diet. It is also super versatile and can be stacked with other EHPlabs products including OxyShred (Regular, Hardcore or Non-Stim), Pride, OxyWhey, ISOPEPT, Blessed, BEYOND, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Glutamine or CREA-8.

OxyGlow is virtually tasteless and odourless, allowing it to be easily mixed into both sweet and savoury recipes. It can even be added into hair and body masks for anti-aging and hydrating benefits!


OxyGlow has been formulated with sustainably sourced, natural marine collagen derived from hydrolyzed fish peptides for high absorption which penetrate the stratum corneum to the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin. Marine collagen peptides work together with vitamin C to promote collagen mRNA production by fibroblasts, which is required for collagen formation to occur ¹. This accelerates collagen synthesis and improves hallmark signs of skin ageing. Numerous studies have demonstrated significant improvements from collagen supplementation, including a double-blind clinical trial that showed a 68% increase in facial skin condition including reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven appearance of skin after four weeks.

Vitamin D and Vitamin K are both fat-soluble vitamins that are known to have a strong synergistic relationship. Together, both vitamins work to reduce inflammation and enhance skin quality for a youthful appearance. Vit K has collagen-promoting and wound-healing properties which may promote a smoother, youthful glow. In addition, vitamin D has oxidative properties, improves mitochondrial and endocrine function and reduces DNA impairment. This has shown to help prevent premature signs of aging and aid in a healthy aging process.

Vit A has also been added to this unique formula for firm, strong and healthy skin, promoting a healthy, glowing complexion. It has been shown to reduce acne outbreaks, sun damage, and slow aging by stimulating skin cells. Deficiency has been linked to an increased susceptibility to skin infection and inflammation, indicating the benefit of supplementation.


Vitamin B12 works in conjunction with all the other vitamins in this formula and it is an essential nutrient for its role in metabolising dietary iron and ensuring the formation of red blood cells. This plays an important role in keeping nails strong and healthy. Deficiency is often associated with hair loss and may also be involved in hair graying during childhood or early adulthood.


Collagen is the building block of joint, muscle and bone mass, which plays an essential role in recovery, especially after injury. Numerous studies have linked collagen peptides to improving joint conditions by helping to repair joint matrix degeneration and improving long-term joint comfort and mobility. Degradation of cartilage is linked to the breakdown of cartilage which is made of chondrocyte cells. Collagen plays an important role in the maintenance of established chondrocytes in cartilage and may help regulate chondrocyte differentiation.

Research also suggests that Vitamin K has a considerable benefit in the prevention and treatment of bone and vascular disease . Additionally, Vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption and bone mineralization which is positively associated with bone mineral density. Studies have shown that vitamin D supplementation increases muscle strength and decreases the risk of falls, one of the largest contributors to fracture incidence.


Antioxidants play an important role in promoting beautiful and healthy skin as they prevent the harmful effects of free radicals. Free radicals are commonly caused by exposure to smoke, pollution, and harmful UV rays of the sun. Vitamin A and C work together to exert powerful defence against free radical damage. Both nutrients are antioxidants that protect the skin from cellular damage and promote cellular renewal for a healthy radiant glow. It is well established that vitamin C limits UV dam age and supplementation has shown to increase the resistance of the skin to UV exposure.

Vitamin K also works as a potent antioxidant which has been found to be involved in tissue renewal and cell growth control. This helps maintain a softer, glowing, and more young-looking complexion. A scientific review on fat-soluble vitamins showed that vitamin D and K supplementation aids in the management of a chronic immune-mediated disease such as psoriasis and eczema. In the review, researchers found positive effects of taking oral vitamin K and vitamin D supplements among people with psoriasis.

These vitamins work simultaneously with collagen peptides. which also significantly suppress the inflammatory skin response induced by UV irradiation.


In addition to nail and hair growth, Vitamin B12 promotes and supports energy levels by working to help the body use macronutrients (carbohydrates, fat and protein) for fuel. It also plays an important role in brain function and DNA synthesis. B12 Deficiency can result in diminished energy and exercise tolerance, resulting in increased fatigue and shortness of breath

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  • How should EHPLabs OxyGlow be consumed for optimal results?

    For optimal results, mix EHPLabs OxyGlow with water or your favorite beverage and consume it daily as part of your beauty and wellness routine. Enjoy the virtually tasteless and odorless powder, knowing you're nourishing your skin, hair, nails, and overall health from within.

  • Does EHPLabs OxyGlow support joint, muscle, and bone strength?

    Yes, EHPLabs OxyGlow contains collagen peptides, vitamin K, and vitamin D, which support joint health, muscle recovery, and bone strength. Collagen helps repair joint matrix degeneration, while vitamin K and vitamin D aid in bone mineralization and muscle strength.

  • How does EHPLabs OxyGlow reduce visible signs of aging?

    EHPLabs OxyGlow's marine collagen peptides and vitamin C promote collagen synthesis, leading to improved skin hydration, firmness, and smoothness. Vitamin K and vitamin D reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, contributing to a youthful appearance and preventing premature signs of aging.

  • What are the key ingredients in EHPLabs OxyGlow, and how do they work?

    OxyGlow contains marine collagen peptides, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin K, and vitamin A. These ingredients work synergistically to promote collagen synthesis, reduce inflammation, enhance skin quality, strengthen hair and nails, and increase joint, muscle, and bone strength.

  • What is EHPLabs OxyGlow, and what benefits does it offer?

    EHPLabs OxyGlow is a natural marine collagen powdered supplement enriched with essential vitamins designed to promote youthful skin, healthy hair, and strong nails. It supports collagen production, skin hydration, hair growth, and overall well-being.

  • Can Oxyglow be used with Oxyshred?

    Yes - these products are perfectly fine to use side by side. EHP Labs are well known for making their products work well together.

  • When should I take EHP Oxyglow?

    Oxyglow is best used daily. Some studies show it is best used in the morning before or alongside breakfast. It can also be added into post-workout protein supplements.

  • What type of collagen is used in Oxyglow?

    Oxyglow uses natural marine collagen derived from hydrolyzed fish peptides.

  • What is EHP Oxyglow?

    Oxyglow is EHPLabs' beauty collagen product specific for skin health, elasticity and overall glow.

EHP Labs OxyGlow
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