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BSc Nitrovol Lean Muscle
Nitrovol Lean Muscle
Powered By: BSc Body Science

Athletic Formula Lean Muscle with Creatine

  • Super-High Blend of Calories, Protein & carbs
  • Myocytin Creatine Delivery System
  • Maximise Muscle Growth, Strength & Size
  • Boost & Support Workout Recovery
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BSc Nitrovol Lean Muscle is an athletic formula that is designed to help you maximise muscle & strength. The new reformulation of the popular Nitrovol packs a punch with plenty of protein, carbohydrates & amino acids to provide the ultimate recovery shake or an everyday lean muscle builder. BSc Body Science has taken the time to come up with a powerful formula that works, even for the hardest of gainers.

Powerful Protein Matrix

BSc Body Science has utilised three different types of protein to provide a fast and slow digestion and release profile. Nitrovol contains a 75:25 mix of whey to casein, creating an 8-hour amino acid delivery window. Each shake provides a quick hit of muscle-building amino acids to kickstart muscle protein synthesis before supplying a continuous trickle over the next couple of hours to ensure your body is constantly in an anabolic state.

Not Just Simple Carbohydrates

A lot of recovery and lean muscle formulas only provide one source of carbohydrate and usually one that results in a massive spike of insulin. While this spike in insulin is important, the ability of sustained insulin levels will maintain a higher anabolic or muscle-building state for a longer period of time. As such, BSc Body Science has combined three distinct carbohydrate sources to provide a more sustained-release blend.

Scientifically Engineered Formula

On top of the specially designed protein and carbohydrate blend, BSc has added extra ingredients to support growth, muscle volumisation and recovery. These include creatine and glutamine; both ingredients which have been shown to boost training performance and support improved recovery from intense training. The Nitrovol formulation also contains plenty of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), essential amino acids (EAAs) and electrolytes to help further fuel recovery.

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BSc Nitrovol Lean Muscle
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BSc Nitrovol Lean Muscle
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Summary Of Reviews
BSc Nitrovol Lean Muscle is a highly-rated protein shake that users praise for its great taste and effectiveness as a mass gainer. Many users have reported seeing positive results within a month of use, and it's particularly appreciated by those with dietary restrictions like gluten intolerance.
Tastes great.
Effective mass gainer.
Suitable for gluten-free diets.
Noticeable results within a month.
Australian brand.
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Nathan M
BSc Nitrovol Lean Muscle
500g / 8 Serves Chococlate
My new favourite protein shake. Tastes great, great nutritional balance, and feel great afterwards.
Collected via Trustpilot
Kayla W
BSc Nitrovol Lean Muscle
500g / 8 Serves Vanilla
Works well
Best mass gainer on the market by far. Really helped me when I was very underweight and starting to train. Couldn't be happier with it.
Dean M
BSc Nitrovol Lean Muscle
great product! work hard and eat right and use NitroVol you'll get the results you deserve in 4 weeks
Anthony G
BSc Nitrovol Lean Muscle
I love this stuff - just because its tastes sensational, good value and just has the basics of what you need for a mass gainer. Plus its an Aussie brand so my money stays in Australia.
Scott S
BSc Nitrovol Lean Muscle
Great tasting protein, Especially because I'm gluten free. Great results.
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