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Barbell Bench Press
Barbell Bench Press Technique. The flat bench works the whole of the pec. You can accentuate the upper or lower section with the use of different angles, but you can't isolate the upper or lower parts. The grip must be about 1 & a half hand widths wider than shoulder width. Lower the bar slowly, for 2-3 seconds on the way down. The bar should touch about the mid-line of the chest, where it should pause, not below it, & not too high. The elbows stay out to the side, perpendicular to the spine to activate the chest. Hold the contraction for a second at the top, with the head staying back on the bench. Don'ts: Do not bring the head forward or bring the elbows in as this will have you hitting the front of the shoulders more. Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion & Brad Ryan - Bodybuilder
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