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Abdominal Ball Exchange
The Abdominal Ball Exchange is a great exercise for targetting the lower and the upper abs. It works the whole region & takes a little bit of co-ordination. Grip the exercise ball between the legs, come up with the hands passing the ball from the legs to the hands in a very controlled manner. This exercise takes co-ordination & control. To get all the the abs working, pull the naval in as this will help you activate the lower abdominals & the transverse abdominus specifically. The ab ball exchange is a simple but effective ab exercise that takes a little bit of co-ordination & works the whole of the abdominal wall and is a great exercise to put into any ab workout. Ab workouts should be done with any of your other bodyparts. Remember that the abs are getting worked hardest with your big leg movements like squats, and with any sort of overhead dumbbell presses, or with any movements involving dumbbells, where you have to stabilise the mid line of the body while you stand. The core gets hit hard during these exercises, but don't be afraid to add ab exercises such as this to a couple of your workouts during the week to achieve the six pack or washboard abs that you are striving for. Nick Jones - World Bodybuilding Champion & Kymbel Hunt
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